Monday, October 27, 2008

Knowledge Tastes like water, Wisdom flows like water, Understanding is clear like water

I enter the realm of all builders with a build that I fast and meditate will spark and lignite the energy inside so that builders can build and babies can cee. Water is h2o, the liquid that all things (living) have to intake or open freely to allow to enter ones body or roots. Water is the true substance which is an essential part of quality of earthly life. Knowledge is accumulated or the gathering of facts. It is a fact that when one has a quench or desire to satisfy his thirst and when they are at the point of dehydration they drink any liquid that is reachable or in arms length, and if it is not water it truly does not meet the proper refinement to the body. To drink anything other than water is a fact that your not drinking the purest substance that was created by Allah, so you don’t get the true taste (which is the sensation obtained by a substance).
Now, when one inquires to learn or educate himself, he desires to take in knowledge, the same as when a man dying of thirst desires water. A dying man never asks for soda, liquor, or any beverage born universal truth water when he is at that point. A man who is straining to came out of a dead state mentally has his eyes and ears open to obtain knowledge. Keep in mind, one can be so thirsty that he will swallow all liquids (diluted water or truth) born universal truth he will never get the taste he needs until he swallows the purest liquid or knowledge. Once he begins drinking clean water or proper knowledge it will flush the trick knowledge out of ones system that is not useful. Once one begins to continue to educate himself with proper knowledge he then may realize that the best substance mentally is proper knowledge that tastes like water. Wisdom is wise words spoken by a wise man, woman, or child. Wisdom is that which reflects off of the substance that has been swallowed, “knowledge”, wisdom expresses the things one knows mentally. Water flows when it is on a slanted or downward course that proceeds smoothly or readily. Now cipher wisdom, when water is flowing it shows movement, force, or some type of tilt or pressure that has caused its activation. It moves along on its passage freely, without being put to a hold. When one speaks the things he knows, it flows naturally like fresh wind off fresh water, or great words from great wisdom. Wisdom flows according to the knowledge and experience that one comes intuned with. The same as water takes its course along the river, wisdom takes its course of action when one manifests insight and knows how to apply his knowledge. When wisdom is shown, its symbolic to how water cleanses things because power that is spoken will prove how refined you are mentally. As wisdom shows the wiseness, and moves in its own certain way, a river again moves in its own certain way. When one speaks the things he knows proficiently its symbolic to ones wisdom flowing like water.
Understanding is having the ability to comprehend as well as getting a clear perception of a particular person, place or thing.
Now cipher wisdom, diluted water will cause an individual not to be able to see though its surface and to what lies beneath. Tampered with knowledge causes the truth to be beneath so many mythologies and false beliefs that it is hard to cee. In order for one to get to cee what is beneath the contaminated water they have to indulge in it or refine it. The same as when knowledge has been mixed or tempered with one must go beyond the surface until they find that that is pure, which is the understanding that will allow you to recognize or identify the truth. Once the water is refined from the dirt, filth, and poison you will actually see through to what once was unseen. After one eliminates the false hood and is able to get awareness/perception, one should be able to have discovered the fact of understanding is being able to cee things for what they are and not what they appear to be. Once again, once things are accepted for what they really are, your understanding will be as clear as water. PEACE!

Righteous 9 Allah

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Bradley said...

This is fascinating. Is it original, or does it come from another source? Forgive my ignorance.