Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Am I My Brothers Keeper?"

“Am I my brother’s Keeper?”
The above five words compose a question containing so much Power, that it is much too often lost on many. Because the Truth of the matter is that the magnetic Power of Supreme Brotherhood by the God who Allah spoke to, as well as the history or Qur’an of the Supreme Brotherhood of God from which we come from, so I know and understand the UNITY is the kee!
This is the Supreme Equality of God!
The greatest lesson Allah ever taught us is to love your brother, regardless of whom or what. Therefore, when I am asked if I am my brother’s keeper, I say emphatically yes! Because I am my brother! We are one and the same, grown or made from the infinite mind of Almighty God Allah, having no beginning nor ending. My being Allah’s Just and True Sun means that I have been entrusted as the keeper of the 36 kees to cee heaven, which are Allah’s kees to unity and Supreme Brother hood. So in turn, through Living Mathematics, I want for my brother what I want for myself because I supremely love my brother like I love myself! This is the magnetic Allah instills in all of his True and Living Suns.
Unfortunately, this brotherhood is not always lived out right and exact because some of the so-called “brothers” in our midst “be other” than their own self, and they will never reach that kind of love and loyalty! What is his own self? His own self is a righteous God that keeps the bond of supreme brotherhood at all costs! Which is why I was taught that “you have to outlast them sun”, and that’s the iron principle that makes God’s will harder than steel! Showing and proving why I am the peace with the magnetic, and that the brotherhood of God me and mine radiantly manifest an never be diluted, mixed or tampered with in any form, because I truly am my brother’s keeper.
To be a keeper means that I must continually observe, honor and respect that which I’m the same mind, by always respecting our differences just as much as our similarities. All the while being the God I was taught to be. This is what keeps God in constant elevation, rotating at the speed of the mind, as we collectively build as one to born an understanding of not only each other, b.u.t. of the universe and everything in it! Because the magnetic of the mind is the bond that binds the bond of the Knowledge Knowledge degree in the knowledge of Allah’s culture (11 :14), and that’s the brotherhood of God that I advocate!
Who, besides a true brother, will give all that he has and all within his Power so that the understanding of exactly what Supreme Brotherhood is will be born to you? You cee, supreme brotherhood must be lived out mathematically, and can only be taught and experienced by a True and Living Brother in God. So it will never be the fake ass “ I don’t like him”, “I know more than him”, or the “I don’t cee it that way” emotional pettiness I cee being advocated in this day and time. Allah never taught us that! Do you honestly think I’d be writing this if Allah didn’t teach his First Born and there fruit how to live the mathematics of supreme brotherhood? Would you be reading it? The supreme brotherhood of god is a bond so strong that it can never be broken regardless of time, place or circumstance! I trace it all back to Allah, because Allah is the god, always has been, always will be.
What this all means to me is that I must come together with my brother, both mentally and physically, so that we can study, learn and manifest how to be better men, brothers, Gods, builders and masters of Allah’s Supreme Living Mathematics! One Nation of Gods, keep saving lives and minds, just as Allah saved us. That’s the supreme brotherhood that I will forever keep on living and teaching because I always reserve the best part of mathematics for myself! So I am always mindful that I am my brother and my brother is me, so if I don’t keep my brother then who will? Allah taught us that “if you isn’t god, you devil”, so if my brother isn’t kept by God then the devil will keep us both in some shit! Make no mistakes about it, Allah’s mathematics are right and exact with or without you, so always keep that in mind.
I conclude by saying that Supreme Brotherhood is one of the many duties of God. It is a mathematical manifestation of the mind that binds all Gods together in the Supreme Knowledge and Wisdom of Almighty God Allah, as the one True and Living God of reality. And as Love is an elevation of Supreme Understanding, I fast and build that ALL my brothers in God come together as one and get it Right, because if not there will be hell to pay! Think about that the nest time you feel some type of way with your Brother, and ask yourself “Am I My Brothers Keeper?” are you willing to give your all in all? I know I am! Regardless of whom or what, I will always be god, so I will always keep God as my Brother….Peace!

Positively Elevating Allah’s Culture Everyday!
The Yellowseed Supreme with the kees to cee heaven,
Scientific Born Allah
Supreme Team

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