Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What is Brotherhood Today?

In the name of Allah and his man Justice Cee!
The Black and the Brown. Who I owe my all too! To whom I sacrifice, my life and my death are all for! All praise due to them for giving their all so we can live in the here and the future. I greet you my nation, the greatest nation, in the universal greeting of Peace!
This is the Born month. So I know this question will be met with acception or rejection. It will be Born alive to some and Born dead to others. I stand for the truth I make Born. B.U.T. for the grace of Allah, the 13th man, I have learned “you cant win nothing by force, you’ll make people what? Hate you sooner or later..”
I have been often told, God you love kicking our History. I ‘v been told by my fruit, God when I build with brothers, they don’t get our history”. These are things that made me pose the question, “what is brotherhood today?”. Our brotherhood for one another has been lost somewhere! I ask these brothers, do you think you jut woke up one day and said “I’m a five percenter or God” . So there has to be origin and history to how this knowledge even was born to you. This is the exact science of the 12 disciples and Allah the 13th man come into play in our history. The Five Percent History. Because whether you like it or not, our origin starts with those 13 universes. Like I always tell brothers, the only man who was self taught in our nation is Allah. With Allah his 12 gave it to the world.
I was told one time that Allah an my born from Mecca, Medina, Pelan, Desert and Philly were/are just ordinary men. Keep in mind that for those that know me, it was a time I would have put my foot in that brothers you know what(laughter) B.U.T my dad has been helping me with my temper, so his voice in my mind says “its better to understand than be understood” B.U.T never get it twisted, that current is still there, today I use it more in word form. Understand that somewhere that brother never knew what true brotherhood was. He has never experienced the brotherhood Allah displayed, he never understood the brotherhood my first generation had. I saw how ordinary could they have been if 41 years later you have a righteous name and think you are Go. Then when I asked him to trace his self back to Allah through his teacher, he couldn’t. So that is where my mercy came into effect because I then truly realize the science of true brotherhood was lost to him. No one has ever really been a brother/father to him. The only way to the father is through the sun!
Sometimes I see the brotherhood me and my fruit share is so different to others. At times I find it hard to accept that my rites of passage in this nation can be so different for others. Because I was given a love and a blessing many don’t understand, when I think of a time past when Allah an Justice was on the set. I will never think of my history as nothing other than great. Not this fake brotherhood trying to be passed off today as brotherhood. I am talking about supreme brotherhood. The always loving your brother like you love yourself!
This is the brotherhood these “ordinary”(laughter) brothers shared. They lived it for real. What do you know about October 7, 1964. October 10th 1964? What do you know about December 19th to the 25th of 1964? What do you know about the visits to Harlem Hospital late December of 64? What do you know about the first night the 13th man came home from the hospital? What do you know about what Allah had on the 1st day he left his house after the first attempt on his life and who was with him? What do you know about the First Born an Wakee first trip to Medina in early 65? What do you know about April 1965, about May 31st 65, June 18th 65, June 24th 65, July 5th 65? Who were the 3 Gods that got locked up in Medina in Sept 65? What do you know about Aug 29th 65, about Sept 18th 65, Nov 9th 65, Nov 26th 65, Dec31st 65?
What do you know about the visits to Mattewan in 66 and who went 14 times? What do you know about September 28th 1966? What took place from September 66 to February 67? What did 500 Gods have to sign for in September 67? What took place March 25th 67? What do you know about April 5th and 6th 68? What took place in the summer of 1968 at the steakhouse? What do you know about Bear Mountain, the airplane rides and the Apollo Theater? What happened June 13th 1969? What about June 16th 1969? What do you know about July 4th 1969/ What do you know about Dec4th 70 and Dec 31st 70? What do you know about President Nixon’s party January 17? What do you know about June 13th 1971? What do you know about July 1971 in Philadelphia? What do you know about August 17th 1973? What about July19th 1978? What do you know about Operation Intellect? Which gave me the vision for our corporation. What do you know about 134 W. 129th st.? What do you know about 203 Carlton Ave? What do you know about 249W 139th St? Yes, this is just some brief Five Percent History. Do the Research. Which all shows and proves the supreme brotherhood that these great men all shared. I am sure that we all have our history, because I know that the history I share with my band of brothers is supreme! B.U.T . our past, it should be everywhere.
These brothers, my Big Brothers, were shinning examples of what brotherhood should be today! B.U.T. , we have lost the science of what it really means to love your brother, my brother lived the love of brother hood regardless of whom or what! It was a time when you could not defend him tooth and nail. Some brothers were speaking foul about my dads brown seed with Magnetic the Great Siheem one of the true heads of Medina. 3 great brothers come to his defense and took on a whole projects. One of the brothers may he forever rest in peace, had problems with his arms until his return in 77. Its no way anyone will make me cee they were ordinary!
Get well Siheem! Thank about him everyday and carry you in my heart. Yes he can be hard on you, b.u.t. I learned it is out of love. This brother has been up with me and my would all night teaching us about Allah and justice. that’s brotherhood. He would say “I bless who I want to bless.“ to think that he bless me is something I will cherish e most! I will never cherish him cussing me out. Today I have my own Siheem in my family. My mental son and my physical niece had him. The legacy will live forever.
Today I was looking at one of the first pictures Gykee gave me of Allah on the mount at the 1st sermon. I was looking at all the boys at attention. Some I have the great pleasure of the courage to be a man. To love my brother regardless of whom or what! Allah was truly a great man! How great is the love of a father for the sun that he would go in the grave to get his suns? Now matter how much his boys got on his nerves and did some of the dumbest things he never gave up on them. Its not one brother who can say that about Allah. B.U.T. today a so called brother will turn his back on you in a minute. He will even go so far as to advocate lies that he knows the enemy of the righteous put out there. Black or white. B.U.T the route of it is because you caught him out there on a lesson or he really wishes he can be strong as you. He resents you because you are a teacher and he is not. B.U.T. my brothers back them took on the challenge of knowing their lessons and who taught the most. That’s why its new to those who challenge of knowing their lessons and who taught the most. That’s why its new to those who don’t know their history.
I am thankful to my brothers for teaching me how to be a true brother. I know what its like to be a true brother. I know what its like to share 2 boxes of 1.75 broccoli lo mien with 10 gods and they complain when you try to get extra broccoli. (laughter). I know what its like to have your brother cooking in the kitchen for everybody and being teased about cooking better than any earth you had. Him shooting back “man is the creator of woman whether she like it or not.” I know what its like to budget 10 dollars with 10 gods living in a 2 bedroom apartment and they want to get a bag of weed and you say that’s 6 dollars. No. I know what its like to accept collect calls from your brother in jail and write him, send photos and visit him when otters forgot. B.U.T. when its like to put my life on the line for my freedom on the line fro my brother. Those were some of the best times being broke with my brother! Because it showed true love. All these things I learned from Allah and my firstborns. I will always be my brothers keeper, even when he lacks understanding. I will always remember Gykee telling me when I was going through some real difficult times. He said “sun Allah never turned his back on me and regardless what I did he always welcomed me back with open arms. I will always do the same to you.” I thank Allah daily for this beautiful man! That’s brotherhood. Knowing your brothers heart no matter what hell he may have put himself through give him support. We say we are the Gods b.u.t. Muslim and Christians show more humanity for each other. Bet real you are your brothers who?
See I know Allah’s teaching well! As my brother from the desert would say “you were taught by the masters.” today you have brothers saying forget the gods in jail. That’s funny to me. When you were in jail, you didn’t want to be forgot and if it is worded right it will sound good to limited minds. Yes Allah wanted us to put and end to it. Hell he wanted us to put an end to many things that haven’t stopped. B.U.T. I guess many forget after he came home went to speech at Otttisville November 15, 1967. He didn’t forget! What was Otisville you? Tel me. Allah said “unite black and white, unite for one common cause, because I tell him if you do wrong you going to jail. Do they time in jail then come on out. Now when the child come back home if you don’t provide for the child and he under your control and other people are getting to the showing home where what he do he wont benefit from it. He goanna go to jail, back to jail”. one thing I know about Allah he was a provider! Are you ? He never forget and gave up on him sown! Do you? When Allah five percent were hungry it was stores they could go to. Do you know there names? Allah would take care of the tab. When Allah saw his sons put out their house for his teachings, he gave them a place to stay. How many of you do that? We say get real, lets get real. Or is that saying a fact? Allah and justice cee would fed the boys in a small apartment on 139th street. What do you know about that? Allah had the mayor on call you got that? Allah took 7 out of 8 bullets so you could live. How many of you would do that? So get real my brothers. You can talk about what he said do. B.U.T. what is being done with the living example he showed and proved to do. So get real my brothers. Not with me yourself! So don’t be upset when I don’t see Allah in you. I’m proud of my band of brothers. Because just alike Allah and my born we never turned out back on each other. Even when others who claim to love us did. Stood tall through whatever adversity we went through. “I just let nature run its course. Being a brother is not being there when a brother has the most get high and when its gone he is searching for you for trillion years . If drinking and drugging is causing you to lose your sense of brotherhood you need to stop. Allah said “I don’t have to tell the child not to smoke he already smoking. In New York there in hailing it so what’s the difference. If he drink alcohol I don’t tell him that he’ll fall a victim to it, I tech him and he’ll get what? Understanding of it.” Allah gave us free will. Yes, b.u.t. the greatest gift he gave is the ability to gain understanding. Lets get back to true brotherhood and build together to make a difference for the young!
Today is Universal Shaamgaudd Degree Day. A true legend! Which brings to mind my own yellow seed of understanding the Lord Malik Allah. His love was so great for his brother he gave his life. We miss him dearly, b.u.t. we carry on the legacy we started to his family the Finney family thanks for always being their for the Gods. I leave you with this “he said” oh my people! Tel me if I have a clear evidence from my Lord and he has given me a good sustenance from himself. (shall I corrupt it by mixing it with the unlawfully earned money.”) I wish not. In contradiction to you, to do that which I forbid you. I only desire reform to best of my power and my guidance cannot come except from Allah, in him I trust and unto him I repent.

The Heart of Philly
Lord Kalim Allah
Supreme Team LLC

P.S. to the young respect our big brothers. They paved the way. To my big brothers have patience with us remember the times when you were young.

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Peace to my brother Lord Kalim Allah!

Keep that sword sharp my brother, we knowledge your wisdom, and look forward to your return.

Divine Universal Allah