Saturday, October 11, 2008

"History is Present"

History is that which is usually associated with past occurrences. And while this is usually so, we must be mindful that all past occurrences directly correlate to today’s current events as they are the foundational happenings that led up to and shaped today’s reality as we know it. It is simple Mathematics to know that yesterday, today and tomorrow are the interconnected segments of motion known as time that comprise our history-past present and future.
Yesterday’s knowledge being know brings froth the Wisdom of today so that the wise can cee the Understanding necessary to succeed tomorrow. As such, it is clear for all to cee that history is in the making today. Those of us with the knowledge of the culture of Allah’s Supreme Mathematics, that speak his Supreme Alphabetical language fluently, know that NOW is the gift of time known as the present. This truth is clearly evident in our beloved Nation of Gods and Earths in the Supreme Mathematical history of the great Blackseed Born seventh from the mind of Almighty God Allah himself-Bilal; Jihad; ABG#7; whose degree day is the Wisdom Power day of this Allah Gave us Truth month (august)!. Allah surely gave us truth when he blessed us with his Sun, the great God he once lovingly called “Build-al”. this great God is the history of the Nation of Gods and Earths! And yes, he is present today, gaining the gift of truth just as he received it. His story as the Father of Medina shall be told for years to come, so it needs to be told today, as we collectively recognize the degree day of this trailblazer of Allah’s teaching. December 19, 1964 is a historical day that all Gods and Earths everywhere should know and teach about, yet some claim that they don’t cee its significance and relevance?? Countless Gods and Earths (including myself) trace their teachings back to Allah through the mind of First Born Bilal. Yet some speak of this great God as a thing of the past?? Emphatically no!! the fact that I write this as his mental great grand seed shows and proves that the job is being done! Now can you see the significance of Bilal’s six days and six nights teaching in Medina, and the relevancy of the fourteen Gods he gave birth to in that time?? (smile) I thought so.
As our First Born writes the Five Percent history with his life, he is the true embodiment of a hero that saved (and still continues to save!) the minds of the youth of an entire borough of the biggest city on Earth, as well as the minds that they touch. Upon bringing the priceless jewels that Allah gave him to the “land of the Warriors”, he resurrected the Blackseed that would become God’s Kee and gave birth to the Yellowseed that became the Sun of Man and brought forth our holy and most greatest Universal Flag.
This is his story.
The great God that turned 203 Carlton Ave. in medina into a historical landmark for the righteous is solely responsible for Fathering such a Supreme Tree of Life unto Allah, that today that tree is an orchard producing fruit across the Nation!! Without his true and living example, many of us would not know what a father truly is, nor who the Gather of the Nation of Gods and Earths truly is , because through his First Born Suns, Allah Fathered the greatest Nation in the Universe into existence and as such, we must recognize and acknowledge this great God and his accomplishments on days like today, so that everyone can know and understand that history is present in this gift of a man. I was taught that if you don’t know your history you cant know your future. Why? Because it paved the way for our present. And one of the greatest presents from the mind of Allah is ABG#7. As my father once asked me, “years from now would you want to be forgot abut?” of course not, so let us never forget that without Gods like ABG#7 many would not know who Allah is, nor how long it takes to make God and the history of this great nation. It is with sincere appreciation, admiration, pride and Supreme Brother hood with which I carry on Allah’s legacy through the dynasty ABG#7 has helped bring forth. Thank you for giving us God’s most trustworthy mathematical kee in the person of Gykee Mathematics Allah, so in turn brought forth the God who Allah spoke to in the person of Lord Kalim Allah, and who has in turn empowered me to manifest Allah’s science of life through the kinetic energy of my mind and be the Scientific one to Born Allah’s science of life through the kinetic energy of the mind and be the scientific one to Born Allah’s truth. United we are one!!
That said, I speak for all of us when I say happy Degree Day to ABG#7!! Through your Wisdom I cee Power and through your Power I cee your Wisdom. His story is indeed present. May the Peace and blessings of Allah be forever upon you! Allah-U-Akbar!!

Supreme Peace
From the mind of: Scientific Born Allah

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