Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Social Equality


In the name of Almighty God Allah, the master of time and judgment, the sole benefactor and creator of our universe, who built a nation of social equality! I greet you in this universal greeting of peace!
It seems as though many has fell a victim to the devils, keeping us apart. Those aren’t Allah’s teachings! Furthermore, the build degree in the knowledge knowledge culture lessons tells us the devil practices division. There can be no social equality, if there’s no equality then there will be no social. This determined writing stems from born kings article and my mental fathers testament in the jew-u-lie-why sun of man this year. How can god and earth practice the process of separation. Allah taught togetherness. Ask the 1st borns of medina about this. The one way to cee Allah is through coming together. Born u square just because one of us allegedly broke one of yacubs grafted, rule or regulations and laws he enforce remember, yacub didn’t build prison houses for his people.!? Allah defied the status quo of his time. Brothers and sisters are putting 3680000000 miles between another brother or sister. Earth is empathetically “end Cipher”! Allah didn’t like brothers going to jail, he went to jails and talked to the brothers. What you know about Otisville November 14, 1967? Have some of us forgot the knowledge of our history? I am constantly reminded of our history of Allah and his trials and tribulations! Born kings article was about crime and separations. What is a crime to 21? Is it what the colored calls a crime? Because in event it is, you better had re-evaluate your teachings. Allah said, “I teach the child to go and get what”? the knowledge and understanding. No matter what some of his (our) 1st borns did, Allah never closed doors on them, he never let his five percenters feel hunger or nakedness! He gave all within his power and all he had to cee that his cream would rise to the top. Everyone in our nation has their own history, however collectively we have our own history, and this history is ours to tell. Not no others.
If any want their brother or sister (god and earth) to qui9t committing crime than provide for them the kee elements that will enable them to better their conditions. When Allah didn’t like crime he did something about it an was not afraid of the people. Also keep it in mind that the Muslims sons tell lies (conceal the truth), steal (rob us of our wealth; the young) and masters the weak because he (they) desires to make slaves out of all he can, so that they can live in luxury from putting brother gods and sister earths in their prison house, separating us from the “don’t let no-one contaminate you or your earth. Allah said “if you don’t follow my rules and regulations the penalty is what? Death! What Allah said is the laws we must enforce on our own self, for his laws applied to him too. We are not holy! Cee, I know what a crime is. B.u.t (this is no lie) everyone has to define what a crime is in accordance to reality. Because, my degrees tell me what to say and do, mentally as well as physically. Can a devil fool a God or earth. Willfully, not nowadays. Remember destroy and conquer techniques are not Allah’s teachings. I know why many are separation themselves from a god or earth who is in the prison houses all over North America. I do answer why with right and exact knowledge. Cee, many are still cursed with mental death and power of mis-education, because they haven’t been properly educated about conditional economics and education of how the devil has systematically enforced his continuing rule of the world. Cee we can come together and define crime in our (reality) nation of gods and earths. We can also have a constitution, declaration of independence and so much more. We don’t have these things because of who, not the unalike. It is us who have a duty to perform. We are held responsible for the uncivilized, right? Ask yourself, what did I promise his nation I would do? Go through your lessons and you can easily be led in the right direction of answering that. Born u Square your word is bond regardless of whom or what! So, once you tell a brother god or sister earth threat he/her is that to your, that is not something that you place conditions on, feel me?! Once thing I know for a fact is, every time is gets hard on a mystery god follower they turn their back on their spook, born universal truth when all is going well they praise him with all the glory. I cee that in our nation, yet I am puzzled, because I don’t know any mystery God! Well, I just may know some mystery gods, because in event your are not living mathematics then you are a God of mis-theory. The bottom line to social equality, is, when we say we are for one common cause and we deal equal in everything, well I surely grasp the gist of that. Born U Square sometimes the polarity must be reversed. Cee, if there is no equality, then there damn sure wont be no social. That’s a fact jack. Allah’s gods are the controllers of the weather, the speed that the earth travels, and it seems as though these things are not being controlled at all times. One thing is for certain, the master builders will build and you can best assure that this entails holding up six sextillion, since of course the sun is 108x’s larger. As I exit this, I have one question for all who is reading this. Tell someone, what and how god or earth is made? With that, I fast and pray Allah that his true and living suns and earths bear their fruits. As my granddaddy in mental would say, what Allah don’t want the angles cant have. All praise is due to Almighty God Allah, whom my sacrifice my life, and my death are all for, Peace!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness
Professor Black Allah
Supreme Team

Last word: “All things come full circle”

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Allah u Justice"

Universal Greetings,
Peace to the father of all fathers! Peace to the fathers of civilization! In the name of Professor Black do I exist and reveal voice of Allah Angel (Koran) history! All praise is due to Allah and Justice. The black and the Brown. Whom my sacrifice, my life and my death are all for. All praise is also due to the True and Living Suns of Allah. My glorious Nation I salute you, Peace.
Truly it is a month of reflecting and rejoicing. In this master cipher now truth he there are days of great importance to universal self as a father and suns of the father. The father is the sun, a seed is a seed, so the sun is the father. Born U square many have taken my fathers name without bear witnessing to my fathers legacy. Therefore, you bear false witness of I-professor and Allah’s fathering through the meaning of civilization. This is the Born month. No one can add to or take away from Allah’s truth revealed to us and passed on to those who keep the trail blazing. So, for you forward men which is made weak justice will reign over 21 because your understanding never was born complete about my father now your weak and wicked ways and actions must be put to an end since there is no equality between 21 and the 13th man. I Professor know and understand the reasons for all your but (s) that bring rain, hail, snow and earthquakes. You follow a mystery god. The god of your own mind. Consequently arising to a mis-theory and application of confounded truth. Diluted and mixed truth is not the truth. One day in this month in the year 6=69, Allah told black seed Akmin of Mecca, “don’t miss me, be me, all those who miss me aint me”! See that revelation for what it is, not what you want it to be. Who is your father, the father of him so on and so forth. A young brother just asked me the other day, are we descendants of Abraham! I told this brother I am a descendant of Allah. Born u square Ab means father Ra means light to his black suns. He did build our inviolable place, Nation building. What is the exact square miles of useful land used by the total population of our nation everyday? To know and stand under Allah 21 must cee our divine fathers equality given to us from his truth or be destroyed. Surely, the good works you do are for your own soul and the wrong you do is of your own hurt. See, professor and his true and living brothers that are being, becoming equal in knowledge and wisdom of Allah’s teachings are innocent of what ye do. Therefore to you your way to us Allah’s way period. God’s if/when u-n-I cannot verse on everlasting history of our existence through the fathers that born us complete then one of us is in an incomplete limited circumference. Just to think, a man said, “you fail to realize that some days I (him) don’t want to hear this shit” to me. I was speaking about Allah’s rule and regulations and enforcing his law on knowing 120. So you know his dumb ass was forced to walk 2200 because of his accord. I-Professor am of the Medina Warriors lineage. My first gaseous was the emblem of justice literally. Good thing, Allah and my mental Father teach that, “its better to understand than to be understood” because I truly understood that he is not of my Fathers seeds. Plus, he wasn’t even taught. Nobody fattened his mental with any cream which would have taken him through the wise-dome that manifests Allah so that he may go through the 9 stages of life for growth to show and prove him being born complete. Yet he was just given space invader mathematics alphabets and an incomplete 120 which born his ass dead! To make God what must you first do? You must begin with knowledge so that one know the ledges which will enable ones wise-dome to mathematical form that needed kee that will give understanding of the culture of I-God is, since of course the power of truth will display the equality of Allah (God) as he builds above the eight and destroy everything negative about himself so that he is born complete (alive) and not dead. This in itself will be an added cipher because he went from knowledge to born through the cipher back to knowledge. This of course is only the fundamental premise of stages and processes that will incur ones primary goal toward his journey of self identification. 14 always keep it in mind that when Allah born the First Borns he told them, “go teach 10”! The significance of bearing witness to this, is, the only “self taught” was has been/always will Allah. So, this is why we are fathers of civilization because we have an obligation to teach. Who is the 5% of this poor part of the planet earth? Universal self! The poor righteous teachers. What do we teach? Who we are in our original state of being (existence). Just as Allah taught to be free-thinkers, well this is an essential for us in this days and times. It is imperative to know this tough, as my mental father Lord Kalim taught me, “teach it the way it was taught to you, don’t add nothing don’t take anything away my daddy’s equality was born complete! How were you taught? Can you trace your teacher and his teachings back to Allah? If not your rights of passage are in question! The only way to the father is through the sun. cee, I god only think what I-God know therefore I-God know what I-God think about everything. That was not an conundrum. Verily Allah Is the best of knower. To know precludes false pretenses since when to know constitutes facts are undisputable. Actual knowledge which is no-thing less than truth. There’s plentiful living gods being the proof of the fathers reality of equality. For instance here is a form of equality passed on from father to sun to I-professor, know your brother, love your brother and always be loyal to your brother even if no one else is. “Allah celebrated thanksgiving day, not to be construed with the 10% teachings, lies told to the 85%. Cee, it was a day of braking bread with your brother. Allah taught “be righteous Gods and walk the face of the earth in humility.” Allah also said, “In order to be a righteous God you must go through the build or destroy degree (Meat Lessons) and not make no mistakes. Are you being righteous? Are you swift and changeable in the currents you create? Or is this fine mist (wisdom) causing your naked eye to hardly detect, making you a verse to your own inequality? Well, mind your ways and actions mentally and physically. Because we have a duty to perform. This way you will not continue to be beaten with many stripes. We are the said person of that ability to teach civilization to others for we are held responsible for the uncivilized slave from mental feather and power. Allah was once asked, “what are you teaching them boys”. his reply was, to take the devil off our planet! I love that man! For without almighty God Allah who would I be? Surely not professor black sun of Lord Kalim, who is the Sun of Gykee Mathematic. He gave Kalim God’s kee to mathematically unlock the minds of many. Just as Allah told Gykee, “I am trying to make you God’s kee to mathematically unlock minds‘! they are my living proof of Allah. Allah gave us a law, teach wherever you go!” are you making transgression against the law, for transgression of the law is sin. Ingest, digest and manifest! If no one can cee Allah in you then you are not Allah. Know that Allah is God always has been always will be because Allah is seen and every where. The only place the devil is manufactured is here god doesn’t exist. Therefore, kill the devil by being the maker the owner of grown of made planets. This is being a father, planets are grown or made from the beginning so this tell us that it is the liquid or gaseous cream that allows the plan to extend our reality of the father goal. Teach wherever you go, that’s truth not mine. Teaching the original people, Earths, young suns and young Earths is the only way to take the devil off our planet I thank Allah my father Lord Kalim the Black seed Heart and Soul of Philly (power Hill) founding father of Supreme Team! He has taught me many thing about his father Gykee first born of Medina and the father of all fathers. The thing that sticks out at present about Gykee is that God’s would ask him what did you teach :lord) Kalim, he’d reply, “the truth”! Because my dad don’t accept nothing that cannot be traced back to our origin which is Allah. As Allah told my granddaddy (Gykee) if you don’t speak the language you don’t belong in the land. Cee, Karriem (Black Messiah) would go around encountering Gods, asking them do they know their lessons, and you couldn’t just quote them you had to validate them. If not Black Messiah would invalidate 21! My dad does the exact same. Why? Because our gave father sacrificed his life so that his suns could live! How great of a father was he? On that dreadful day of June 13. 1969 Allah told 7 gods, to keep on teaching before he left the (us). Ask G. Kalim about that night, for he was in attendance! To say keep on teaching to them tells me he truly was the best of knower’s that night and will always be that. Because he is in me. A seed is a seed. What is a seed if he aint you. Allah’s statements of reality. The understanding of Allah is/has been/ always will be born complete through me. Because Allah said, in order to keep what you have you must give it away. Am I not giving to you what was given to me by my father who obtain it from his father which came directly from the father almighty God Allah himself. To take a quote from my uncle (Old Man Justice), he took boys and made them Gods. Our father taught us what it means to be a father. Look at that word 9title). Are you a friend advisor, teacher, helper, encourager, role, model to civilization? Cee for those that are need not comment on this build. Because there are in our midst those who say they are god, born u square fail to distinguish the difference better god and true and living, right and right and exact. They may be smart, born u truth not all wise. Seek the truth and it will set you free. Meaning the truth will free you of any wrongdoing. Be alike in way and actions mentally and physically as it has been/always will be set before you by those who came of old. My duty of being equal has been fulfilled by giving you some knowledge and understanding of the 13th mans equality being born complete. Peace!

Be the Living Proof
Of Allah in
Professor Black
Supreme Team
Power Hill

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mathematics is the science of numbers, time and space, as well as their use in calculation. Allah’s Supreme Mathematics is the science of ascribing living principles to numbers so that we know what time it is, and can exist and move in our own space, according to natural law. Semantics is the branch of linguistics concerned with meaning, which means that as we learn to ascend from simple Math, to Supreme Mathematics to Living Mathematics we must learn the meaning of each and every living principle in Allah’s Supreme life lessons. Mathematics being the rites of passage we must go through to bring value and meaning to our Mathematics.
Allah’s Supreme Mathematics is the origin of the language we speak in the Nation of Gods and Earths, made manifest through the dialect of his Supreme Alphabets. These foundational keys to reality must then be internalized and progressive transcended through the science of semantics, bring forth the culture of Living Mathematics spoken through Living Alphabets, just as Almighty God Allah himself taught us through his living example and demonstration. Mathematically speaking, this means that we must use our Knowledge and Understanding to weigh the Wisdom of all things! And to do so, we must first come to the realization that these are facts of life, not merely concepts.
Like many I hear today, I too was once reciting conceptual Math, sounding drone-like and robotic with my Mathematics. That’s because I was merely speaking the language of Mathematics without applying semantics to them. As such, they held no meaning in my life, they were simply hypothetical concepts with no real value. Which means they were useless to me, because a solution that is never applied to the necessary equation is of no good, it serves no purpose. Which is in fact contrary to what Allah taught us, or as he would say “that’s not my teachings sun”.
Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabets are the keys to unlock the science of life. Therefore, life itself and all of its vast experiences are what bring vitality and character to my Mathematics, making them My Living Mathematics and My Living Alphabets. Thus my supreme language is then spoken in the Universal dialect of righteousness, and the concepts I draw up in my mind are made manifest through the living application of my Mathematics. This is what makes me God! The sole controller of my thoughts and actions that’re Born through my will into reality.
So when Allah said “God can’t teach God nothing” he was teaching us that a God State of Mind manifests Mathematics at the speed of life itself, and no one can live my life b.u.t. me! Yes, you can share your knowledge and understanding with me b.u.t until I bring meaning to what it is you share with me, it is utterly useless to me. My wisdom is how I realize all reality, and until I do so and manifest the semantics to my Mathematics, I’m still whistling in the dark” as my first born would say. That’s why Allah taught us that “Each man must swim his own 9,000 miles”. How’s that for Mathematics?!
In conclusion, I would like for all of us to Supremely examine the origin of a lot of the “slang” that’s being used today. Allah did not teach us slang! He taught us Supreme Living Mathematics, and the dialect of Living Alphabets. The Mathematics being cold and warm, meaning Universally precise and unchanging, and the Alphabets being very swift and changeable, meaning Supremely flexible and compliant in application. Fundamental, unchanging truths being lived out through the grace and mercy of the Supreme Being Himself! What does that mean to you? Do your mathematics have the necessary semantics that the naked eye can detect? Remember, we have been blessed with the burden of giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and knowledge to the dumb. This is the mind, through the medium of thought, in the Name of Allah. I love you all like I love myself! Allah-u-Akbar!

Supreme peace!!

Scientific Born Allah

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Flowers for the Living"

In Allah’s beloved Nation of God and Earth we have several Cultural Honor Days that we all acknowledge as a collective whole, to renew the history of Almighty God Allah himself, as well as some of the great Builders he brought forth that paved the way for us in this day and time. I personally recognize numerous days that are special to me, in honor of the many trailblazers and pioneers that have lived Allah’s Mathematics for many years before I was blessed with the Knowledge of myself. This is an aspect of our Divine Culture that I enjoy with a heavy heart at times, whenever building on the history or Qur’an of those that have returned. Yet I fully understand the relevancy and importance of knowing and renewing our Supreme Mathematical history in Allah’s World Manifesting; because as I cee it, to know our past history is the only way to understand our present history. For we are the history makers of today!
With this Truth in mind, I would like to verse about the countless trailblazers and pioneers that are still building in the midst of the righteous today, making history, by living Allah’s Mathematics for as long as they have and fulfilling the duty of being the wise elders they’ve grown to be. Please do not wait for them to leave us physically to then talk about their greatness after they are gone. Let’s celebrate them in life, not in death! As such, Flowers for Living is my determined idea to express my Supreme appreciation to all of my Just and True elders for keeping Allah’s Truth alive as long as you have, so that today I can teach it just as real as you do! Which is why I was taught that the only way to keep what I have is to give it away, because there is no success without successors. This is why Allah taught my elder Brownseed of Supreme Wisdom to “ Do your job Sun, and what? Keep teaching! The Cream will rise to the top”. As his First Born says, “That’s a fact jack”. (smile)
Many of our True and Living Elders have seen every generation of Gods and Earth in our Nation bloom and blossom into the fruit of Allah. And in this unalike society, in a country that’s hostile to the truth of Allah; and all of the adverse conditions and trials and tribulations we’ve gone through as a Nation, this is no small feat. So it is with sincere admiration, pride and appreciation that I manifest Flowers for the living, so that you all know how grateful I am to have you in my Book of Life, as we continue to write our history or Qur’an together. Because in all the history of Intelligence Saving Lives and Minds, it never revealed that Allah taught us to celebrate death. For Allah’s Mathematics are the Supreme principles of life that we righteously uphold and manifest, the natural laws of God that give us life from a mental death and power. Thus it is only natural that we study, learn and manifest his life-giving teachings amongst the True and Living in the here and now, then we can verse about those that have returned as well. After all, Equality means to deal equal in all things. Almighty God Allah taught us the reality of life as well as the reality of death. Just like my beloved mental Father taught me last year when my Old King returned: Life on Life’s terms and death on death’s terms. And the reality of Living Mathematics is that our elders are the Saviors and guides of today’s youth, and we must never take them for granted. We are blessed with the greatest way of life because we were given the freedom to choose our culture for ourselves 44yrs ago, up until now. Therefore, through Allah’s Divine Culture of Supreme Living Mathematics we choose to be who and what we are, and our choices dictate our reality. Which is why many are called, yet few are chosen, because the ones that are chosen are the ones that choose themselves! Now think about how many times over the years our Elders have chosen to remain standing firm on the Truth of our Square, through all of the turmoil our young Nation has been through,, both internally and externally. As a Nation, we just came out of our fifth tri-master, all praise due to Allah. Think about how difficult a choice it must have been at times going through the Zig Zag Zig of our history or Qur’an, and compare it to the fact that it is quite easy to simply abandon ship. Do you cee my point? Our just and true elders are Allah’s living monuments, here to guide us into tomorrow with their collective Wisdom. Keeping in mind that while many shall receive the good advice of our Elders, only the wise will profit from it, because to profit from good advice requires just as much, if not more, Wisdom than to give it. And I say this so that we can all take that wise, second look at the Supreme Knowledge our Elders have for us to benefit from. Now tell me what you cee?
I have been blessed to have been taught many great things about Almighty God Allah, our 3 original Elders, our First Nine Born, our 23 Scientists and the genesis of our beloved Nation. So I live and teach our great history with pride because I know that as long as me and mine continue to carry on the legacy of Allah and all those that come before us, they will forever be here with us! Those great scientists that have returned continue to be remembered and loved because those that made history with them, that are still here with us, teach us all about them. What a blessing! Therefore we should all strive to know and study with those that are still here, about those that are gone; to be better qualified to build with those that are yet to come….
Supreme thanks to our Elders for passing along the dynasty of Allah, not only right b.u.t right and exact! You are the truth, and I love you all like I love myself! PEACE!!
Scientific Born Allah

Monday, September 22, 2008

“Like Father, Like Sun”

“Like Father, Like Sun”
By Scientific Born Allah
Almighty God Allah is the Father of this Nation of Gods and Earths because it is his foundation of Supreme Knowledge that gives his Just and True Suns the Power to be Equal to him, as Fathers of our own Civilization in this day and time. However, too many today are teaching about the science of Equality without the Understanding of what being a Father truly means, beyond face value. This unfortunate reality has resulted in the mental and physical birth of innumerable Fatherless children or seeds, wherein the Supreme Equality of God is absent because of this Mathematical imbalance. And since all things physical have their origin in the Supreme mental Kingdom of Allah, I shall make my Understanding understood on how I cee the Equality of mental Fatherhood through Allah’s Living Mathematics.
The science of mental fatherhood began in our beloved nation when Allah fathered his First Nine Born Suns into the Mathematical reality of God. And one of the greatest blessings Allah gave us through his First Born was to teach us how to be responsive, qualified fathers, just like him! Which is why he would continually challenge his young by telling them “I don’t want to know what YOU know, I want to know what YOUR SEEDS know”. As I cee it, teaching and fatherhood go hand in hand, while still being two different manifestations and applications of the Supreme principle of Equality. Allah ensured that his Suns be Equal to him by being the best father he could be, and all the history of Islam has never revealed a greater father! I beg your pardon, I never heard of one.
So when Allah said “the wealth of any country are the children” he showed and proved it through fathering his young Five percent, his children. Making us Equal Quality! Keeping in mind that Allah only had seven physical children, yet today there are countless Gods coming in the name of Allah, claiming to be his Sun. Just as there are countless Queens today coming in the name of Earth, claiming to be his Daughter. This is a clear manifestation of mental fatherhood, a science that is very often confused with teaching, because the duality of Equality between pedagogy and Supreme mental fatherhood can only be drawn up by the Sun of Man (God) so that the naked eye can detect it. The 13th man was/is a Master of both! The Supreme teacher that taught his Suns how to be Equal Fathers, A-like him. That’s the history or Qur’an that I renew daily.
The difference being that teachers only impart knowledge and Wisdom, while a father imparts the same and then shows his love for Allah by nurturing the Understanding in his seed. Can you cee the Equality in that Living Mathematical equation? All teachers aren’t qualified to be Fathers, yet ALL fathers are qualified teachers. Its in parallel to the Knowledge Equality degree in Allah’s Free Cipher (16 degree: 1-40) teaching us that not all of the Five Percent can be God, yet All Gods are Allah’s Five percent. However, in this day and time, too many are imparting the wisdom of this Divine Culture and are not taking the time to ensure that the Equality is made manifest in the minds of the youth. Therefore, producing an over abundance of fatherless mental seeds that are nothing like them or Allah ! So I must reiterate Allah’s question “What is a seed if he’s not you?” because if the Sun is not Equal to the Father, then there’s a problem.
Gods need to take more time and have more patience when teaching the young, making sure that the birth record is never diluted, mixed or tampered with. This isn’t about just giving someone lessons to memorize, that’s not our culture! Where’s the Equality in that? Just imagine where we might be as a nation had Allah simply done that with us? don’t you think our Elders call Allah “The Father” for a reason? So lets renew that history and take a more personal, in depth look at what and how we are teaching. Is what you are saying Equal to what you are doing? Is what you are teaching Equal to what you are living? Most importantly, is the person you are teaching Equal to you? Are you Equal to Allah? Are you just a teacher or are you a father as well? Remember, there are teachers of students and then there are teachers that teach other teachers as well. that’s the Supreme Equality that only God can rise above.
Many in our nation do not like the fact that my Educators is my mental father to me, because they lack the Best part and cannot cee the supreme Equality of father and Sun that we share. Just like many do not like the fact that my Fruit are my mental Suns. Despite this being the language of Allah, this debate is older than the Sun, Moon and Stars in our Nation because No One can give you Understanding, you must derive it yourself. And to see the kingdom, you must seek it first! However, the fact remains that my mental father has given me much more than just the basic knowledge and wisdom of the Cipher. My daddy has walked with me from “Who is the Original”? to Pluto and back, striving to help me be his Equal in Understanding. And like father, like Sun, I will always do the same for my Fruit. Showing and proving through my mental Suns that I am a good Father, because I learned from a greater Father how to live my Mathematics in the grace and mercy of the greatest Father! That’s a fact jack.
While I do understand that many are not qualified to rise above the Supreme Equality of Fathering God, the fact remains that there are many of us that are. Yes, you naysayer’s are indeed correct when you say “there is only one Father, and that’s Allah”. however, you must also look at the Equality of that statement and realize that I AM ALLAH! Scientific Born Allah to be exact, Equal to my Father. Remember “what is a seed if he isn’t you?” and yes, I am his True and Living Yellowweed of Supreme Understanding. Which means that the knowledge he brought forth gives me the Power to be Equal to my Father. Draw it up for yourself! This shows and proves that the first is as good as the last, and the last is as good as the first.
Therefore showing and proving that the supreme equality of mental fatherhood in our nation is what shall forever continue to give birth and balance to Allah’s World Manifest, through his True and Living Suns carrying on the legacy of our Father’s Almighty God Allah. Being God myself, I am the living manifestation of the above mentioned mathematics when I transcend the principle of “like father, like Sun” into reality through my will being done, and Allah is seen and heard everywhere! Because my beloved mental father, Lord Kalim Allah (I love that man!) taught me that Allah said to “teach wherever you go”. So this Sun of Allah will always be like his Father! Allah-u-Akbar!
Positively Elevating Allah’s Ciphers Everywhere!
The Sun that’s been entrusted with the keys,
Scientific Born Allah
Supreme Team