Thursday, October 2, 2008

Open Letter From the God Complex

Peace to my beloved Nation Of Gods and Earths,

As i continue to progress threw the trials and tribulatory events of the inner cipher, i understand that true power lies within self not materialistic, financial, and/or possessions ganed by currency. The lies that mentally and psychologically bind us and blind us are nothing more than external and imaginatory barriers that if we rise above the depths of ignorance will be able or enable ourselves to remove and still sustain the greatness that lies within self. I had an extremely difficult time, as well as a complicated life trying to change the unchangable, to love the non excepting, to help the stubborn and unloveable, instead of loving self first. One must learn to love themselfs before anything or anyone else because noone is greater than our people. This pertains to whoever reads and understands this knowledge. Alot of circumstantial elements that surround us are nothing more potent than what we allow to surround us mentally, for the mind is an all present body in which the capacity, power, and ability to conquer all that dwell within its proximity. It took me 21 years to come to the realization that the decisions i make today determine what is going to take place tommorow. To know your past and understand where you reside in the present means to define accurately your future. What happens in life is a consitence of 100%, 90% of it is controlled by attitude, action, and thought, while the other 10% is the circumstance controlled or motivated by other forces not within the realm of personal control. 90 overpowers 10 by far, therefore you can control the outcome of your life. Just study to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, deal in equality and strive to be the best you can be. The impossible, although taught by the 10% otherwise, can be possible by determination and education, growth and development. We as a united people, who were always rulers of civilization can do all that we put our minds to, no matter what because nothing is more powerful than the mind, no weapon, man, army, or pain. The world as it exist lies within yourself. The babies become the result of our teachings, stop punishing your children for what you did wrong, for they are the cake that we bake, the mix and the ingredients are your teachings to them. If the cake mix isnt properly prepared, how then can the cake come out beautiful and delicious?. You are the baker not your children, teach the babies how to love and they will love, teach, and respect, as well as carry on our nation. We must erase all negativity and devilishment that they can be exposed to.The babies are the sponges that absorb what they see and are introduced to. Teach them righteousness and they will grow to be the Kings and Queens they were born to be. if you dont sheild them from the evils of this world by Building to Destroy you will be the reason they self destruct. Stop looking at what the children do wrong and start looking into what was done wrong to them!!

peace ,

love and freedom

Complex Understanding Allah

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