Friday, October 17, 2008

"Poisoned Kings" By Complex Understanding Allah

Poisoned Kings
By Complex Understanding Allah

Today is the most praised day, the most beautiful day in existence, to be, that was since the early to mid 60’s and that will continue to be for many many more moons to come. Today is the 10th day of October! Now if I’m not mistaken, today is the birth of our nation, my nation, your nation. The father, which all praises are due, manifested himself on this day, in the year of 1964, 44 years ago. 4+4 borns build and destroy, so let us observe our birth, thru our father Allah. Why would I title this build the poisoned kings? Well, I’m in the injustice right now and I’m around 4 types of people. 5 percenters, 85ers, and 10 percenters, and Gods. People may ask, “well I thought gods were the same as 5 percenters” let me explain to those who know not. A god for one not just know his culture as I-God (I am God) and then understands the 1st degree in the student enrollment also a true and living God doesn’t indulge in the actions or even desires, within self, of the uncivil poisoned animal eaters. Some 5ers are more of the true and living compared to the so called gods. I call them wooden nickels. Pretenders! The ones that just have a good memory that quote the 120 so well, you would swear they walked with the father. Born U Square, they are just quoting fools. My teacher, enlightener, brother, confidante and best friend Asean B. Allah (Saviour City) taught me a lot of things, and one of the most important things were that a quoting fool speaks not of his own understanding! Why? The 25th degree in the SA, asked by a 85er because they don’t know, asked by a wise man because he wants to know, God is the only one who is qualified to answer it. So allow me to answer. Why? Because the quoting fool has no understanding to cee it for what it clearly is. Just knowledge and 89% of that knowledge that he feels he has is just a damn good memory! So there is no wisdom involved because that particular individual hasn’t applied the ledge that was known. So it is impossible for Divine Understanding or Supreme Realization to be manifested and brought forth, due to it not being there! During my 2 to 3yr travels within the injustice yacubs children’s call corrections, I’ve seen more uncivilized and unrighteous wooden nickels, than I have true and living original men, builders. The real builders don’t tolerate, deal or associate with the interior cipher known as “the body” now when I see cipher on paper or I hear it auditory, I refer to my foundation. I know cipher to be a completion of knowledge , wisdom, and understanding, not just memorization of the lessons, quoting the 120 but not applying or seeing it clearly and showing and telling instead of showing and proving. Today is the day of our completion after the Fathers 2nd revelation and being that in the NYSDOCS already recognized us (thank you “Intelligent Tarrief Allah”) as a religious group of people that is going to live out our culture one way or another , I myself ate before sunrise and haven’t eaten anything and wont until the sun sets in the west. If the other religious and said nations other than Islam have the deaf, dumb and blind mental state of destruction and can fast from not just rod but profanity, impulse and other factors of savage ways and diminishment, then why are there gods eating today, when they all should be observing this day? Simple, they are not yet Gods, they are still 85, and 10% and 5%ers that just quote. They don’t apply what the father manifested let alone have the 3 to cee it as it is or at least should be. a lot of these so called Gods, question my attribute, saying that god is simple and if I’m God, why is my attribute Complex? Let us use our foundation to born out COMPLEX and cee it for what it is. SM is our Universal calculator, so me completing those six letters, I get God, hmmm! So if Complex borns God, then what is complex? What the devil told us it was thru the Webster’s dictionary or is it god? See, the knowledge isn’t applied. These certain individuals say that complex is emphatically now cipher, so do you mean to say that I’m not god? But, wait a second. My attribute borns out who I am, God! This isn’t even scratching the surface my nation, this is a brief, but in the excitement of me using my great brain and making it rain, I will keep it brief. I am the true and living and so are all the others that read this, but remember we forgot who we were at one point and time. Our grain of discrepancy made devil, so by us not applying our knowledge, how could we possibly wisdom the seed of knowledge to bring forth the proper understanding, to not just teach freedom, justice and equality, but to live out our culture and teach it to all the human families of the planet earth and take the devil off of our land once and for all? Poisoned Kings, rise up, know you are Supreme, apply your lessons, they lie not and they will call your attribute from that duty of self! Be wise because if you are not the all eye seeing, who is ? Surely not he who was grafted and uses 6 million miles of useful land everyday.
Today’s SM is Knowledge Cipher, abbt Knowledge, and in the SA its Justice. Know who you are, there wont be a second devil!


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