Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Bizzarro World" pt 1

Bizzarro- Strikingly odd or queer in appearance or style; grotesque; out of the ordinary; unrighteous.I would like to greet the readers with the supreme greetings of Peace. I come in the divine attribute of Knowledge. In today’s Black society we (including self) as a people are currently living in a Bizzarro World where everything what was once considered, upright, positive, natural, and ordinary is now totally opposite. What was once considered evil is now good: odd is ordinary, gay, weird, and unrighteous, is now straight common and righteous. What was down is up; and what was left is right. Now, let me show and prove by going back to the Motherland Africa where the Black Family resided before we were tricked and brought over here on a slave ship named Jesus in 1555. Sir John Hawkins, captain of this ship informed us that we would earn more gold for our labor than we did in our won land. However, once unboarded there was all labor and no pay.
Before this disastrous game was played, the Black family sat on top of civilization. They were the first to walk the land of Kemet (Egypt), Ethiopia (Nubia), the Nile valley and Kenya where the first signs of life were found by archaeologist. It has been proven that the Black family were once kings, queens, prince’s, princesses, noblemen, and were worshipped as gods. Signs of our history have been left through the pyramids, the obelisk, the sphinx, hieroglyphics, in tombs and African artifacts. The black family once had the occupational positions of doctors, surgeons, scientist, philosophers, griots, teachers, architects, inventors and many other great prosperous innovative professions.
Before we were brought to this country and distorted, we naturally treated our women as prize possessions‘, our greatest assets, due to the fact that they’re cultivators of the seed of God, “Our children”. naturally women submitted to their men, respecting themselves as Queens and Goddess. As parents they automatically taught their children the importance of family, heritage, culture and education. According to the rules of nature men and woman already know they were supposed to engage in intimacy with the opposite sex to involve in sex with the same gender was preposterous. It was bizarre to look at a 6 year old child as a sexual object. According to history we already understood that the grafted animal (cat,rat,and dog) what we call the pig was forbidden to eat. It was already written in stone that we were to love one another as a united family helping one another if anyone were to fall short of success. Although some were wealthier than others as a result of family legacies and people working harder, nevertheless everyone was entitled to wealth.
When it came to spirituality the Black family did not worship a white man with blue eyes and locked hair, that called himself Jesus the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Worshipping was a form of traditional religious practices within a tribe, submitting to the one and only God, the Supreme Being, the Father of civilization, God of the Universe. Everyone understood that the color of their skin the hair on their head and features of their faces were signs of beauty and greatness. It was even said that if your were of pale skin (white) you had a disease (leprosy) and was forbidden to come amongst the great people of color. No one worshiped other than there own or wanted to break down the legacy by engaging in intimacy with people other than their won. When the Sudanese monarch of state was overthrown the women all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be with white men.
Now after the eradicating, manipulation, propagation, lynching, murdering, raping, beating and enslaving of this great family we are so far from our natural state that its bizarre.
We were scattered, divided, and beat so bad that we forgot all that we had. We lost all knowledge of self all sense of respect for ourselves , our women, children, mothers, fathers and communities. We lost all religion, culture, ranks of leadership, freedom, justice, equality, and most of all our true homeland and wealth. Now lets look at what we have become today. Its 2007 and we’ve been stuck in this land since 1555. It has been a revolution for the worst. This catalyst, has come at the worst of time because we are finally able to have the chance individually or collectively to rise above or limit the oppression of our people. I say limit because I firmly believe that the leaders of this country will not allow anyone to usurp its authority. We went fro fighting for education to “fuck school its for chumps”. from Black Power to “fuck that Nigga!” from fighting for better jobs to “I’ve never worked, never will, never lift nothing heavier than a thousand dollar bill’ Black men and women exchanged greeting each other as Sister and Brother, to using Nigga and Bitch. We eradicated our traditional religious worshiping our own God, to praising this European man with blue eyes that is called Jesus.
Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey fought for separation and a back to Africa movement. Now we as a people don’t even acknowledge the fact that we are descendants of Africa , let alone look forward to going back to your true land . The saying, “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice” is so irrelevant in today’s society that its as if it had never been used; its now, “the lighter the skin you know it’s a win” what was once signs of beauty and greatness (the black skin) is now considered one of the worst things to be associated with in Bizzarro World. Full lips, coarse hair, dark skin, brown eyes, high cheek bones were something to be proud of. Now you have Blacks bleaching their skin, using all kinds of chemicals to straighten their hair, getting surgeries to thin their lips, and reconstruct their faces and bodies all to be accepted by white society. To be frank, in Bizzarro World anything associated with Black is equal to death, evil ugly and secondary. What’s so hilarious is that while we are tying our best to get away from being Black, whites are trying to thicken their lips, darken their skin, lock up their hair, and increase the size of their breast and rear ends to look as beautiful as the black woman.
Its very sad to even think that a people who were once so great. After being transferred to another by the force of evil hands, would adopt the way of being malignant, disreputable and uncivilized. Right hear in Bizzarro World its become inextricable to get away form the ways of a uncivilized nation. I myself was living in the strictly impoverished streets of Watts CA. in such a haze that I thought it was okay to call black women , bitches, and men, niggas and mothafuckas as long as it want my biological family I even assumed that taking a mans life and paying a visit to the plantation (prison) would make me a respected man.
Allow me to show you the Bizzarro World that is illuminated by black society, showing you what many believe defines a respected man: the man that has no respect for himself or the people that surrounds him. The one we see on the corner pants sagging, bandana hanging out the pocket, pistol on his waist, blunt in the ear, and the biggest dope sack in town, is the respected individual. This is the same person that’s going to sale our 15 year old pregnant daughter drugs without thinking twice, don’t forget if she wants drugs in exchange for sex he wont turn her down, it doesn’t matter who’s child it is he’s out for his pleasure and money by any means necessary. With the stroke of a trigger (gun), for recreation, this great man will go about and kill grandmothers, infants, and grown men/women leaving them to die in the streets alone like dogs after being hit by a car, or a rodent in the rood all because they live on a certain street. This admirable individual will call you and your children out of your names justifying it as his way of expressing himself because its coming from the soul. This is the respected man that is loved and cherished for his lascivious acts. He’s a jack of all trades, a pimp, plays, hustle, and don’t forget Trap Star (doe man) and Gunna (killa) the one who will put women, no matter the age,, on the streets to sale their bodies if its beneficial to him. don’t forget his won mother isn’t exempt from these same ideologies if she is a consumer of drugs. He will sell it to her saying “if she don’t get it from me shell get it from someone else. Plus, I need the money.” this worthy individual will get you daughter pregnant and swear to the blue eyed Jesus that he is not the father and even if he does acknowledge that its is his child he wont provide Andy physical, mental, or financial support. This wise man that has no education, possibly cant read or write,, who’s called a functional illiterate, with his greatest asset being his criminal record is the man that is highly respected in the black community.

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