Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Bizzaro World pt 2"

Now allow me to give you an acute glimpse at the unrespected black man: the man that commits himself to education, hard work and dedication to building a family. The one you see everyday dropping his children off at school, pants on his waist, briefcase or tools in hand, cash and credit cards in pocket, owning his own legal business or working a decent job; the man with wife at home that he treats like a Queen, is the unrespected weak man. This same illiberal man is the one who would rater die today before he sells his mother or a teenage pregnant women drugs. This insignificant man that has never let the thought of killing another human being cross his mind, the one that has never saw a prison unless it was on TV or from the outside, and has never called any women anything close to other than her name, is the unrespected men. The man that takes care of his family by gaining his money in a legal fashion, teaches his children that education shall be fashioned so that we can become self sufficient as a people, is the man that has no chance in Bizzarro World to ever be a citizen, let alone gain the respect as a man. don’t forget that this is the chump that is attending PTA meetings at his children’s school, supporting their academic achievement, as well as giving full support for their dreams and aspirations in a positive manner. The man that goes to sporting events, doctors appointments, or just out enjoying times with his family and friends is the one looked down on. He worships none other than his own, he doesn’t talk about his dreams, he’s actually chasing them with a real effort and true energy. This artificial family oriented weirdo that honors a monogamous relationship, while concentrating on what is best for the betterment his family is considered a sucker with a prior, being the most unrespected man in the new millennium that is called Bizzarro World. There has never been a people so ruined in the history of civilization on this planet! that’s not natural. That’s not universal. And it damn sure isn’t ordinary. I’m hurt to point that at times I feel sick to my stomach. The main reason is that I once glorified these same acts of savagery. I was in a haze. The tricknowledge was planted in me at such a young age. I had no clue what I was up against. What’s so baffling is that you could have brought actual facts to me and said that I was blinded and going the wrong route on my journey of life, and I would have fought you with all I had. I just knew what I was doing was right. I know that the things that I once said and done were all ordinary and cool because every one around me had done it. There was a legendary guide book left behind for me to follow so that I could become the next ghetto hustler. It was in my music, in the movies I’d watch, commercials, school, community advertisements, billboards and buses. All the above are positive out looks so it had to be cool, at least that’s what I thought. After having my freedom stripped away, so that I could fulfill my dream and visit the plantation (prison), I’m one of the most enraged black men in America. I know why the white man called Malcolm x the angriest man in America after his release from prison and rise to leadership with the nation of Islam. After being put into slavery I have an understanding of what my ancestors went through during there days of servitude. The free labor, staying in dept with restitution, the loss of freedom. The loss of the natural option to think for self. Having to be told when and what to eat, when to sleep and use the bathroom, go outside, while not having the option to choose a place of residence. Breaking a law results to being punished with more time in slavery. You cant buy your way out, and its up to your master ( the governor) to determine when you are able to be released. You have no right whatsoever to question the decisions that your master makes for you. If this is not slavery, then what is it? However after being incarcerated for so long I began to feel uneasy about the whole thought of being away from my family for a numerous amount of years, so I began to study history and open m y mind to the possibly that I may have made wrong decisions in life. In doing so I actually found out that this place that has been praised so much by my so called friends is not what it was made out to be. This shit isn’t cool. This is slavery. This is not what my ancestors gave their lives for. This is not even a natural state of mind, this is the very definition of uncivilized. How could being subjected to having another man make you get butt naked in from of a thousand other men be cool? How could smelling another mans feces at the same time your confined to a 6 by 9 closet be something special? How could showering with men for years at a time along with sleeping in a closet with men ever be the greatest level of achievement? How did you not see this trap for what it really is? I’m not blind, I can see. So how could I be so irresponsible, inconsiderate, in denial, selfish and na├»ve? Prison made me Question a many decisions that I have made. Why are we as a people taught to be so destructive to our own people? Why do I worship a god that doesn’t even look like me nor anyone in my family? Why don’t I like the color of my skin (im speaking of the black family collectively because we are one and the same. Viewed under the same microscope). I really began to understand the concept that a person could have 20/20 vision and still not see what is directly in his face. that’s what enraged me, I had fallen victim to the same tricknowledge that my ancestors gave their lives for me to avoid. This so called glamorous life is designed for nothing but failure. Some may have a little success in this “game” of life, but most definitely the end result will be failure. So why even indulge? It as if we are huge rats chasing a block of cheese on a trap (jail). As humans we have the comprehension to know that the trap kills. Every time someone is caught trying to abstract the cheese and is not killed on impact and through so called civil rights is set free he gets the illusion that if he only tries a little harder and becomes a little quieter, he can escape with the cheese. To no avail they are trapped again. This trap is so accurately equipped that even there so called best eventually get caught. So if you have the chance, leave the trap alone, if you don’t you will either be sentenced to death, die on the trap suffering and regretting the pain you brought upon yourself, or die on impact. This is Bizzarro World. This cant be the real world, everyone else is winning in life, as a people. Me and my people are living constant loosing game that actually was lost when it started. Now that the wool is off of my eyes I understand I was living in an illusory world that only existed in black America. I must break the chains of this psychological slavery and try my best to point the picture clearly so the next generation can rise above this Bizzarro World into the world of reality with the rest of society. As for the black men that are living in this fictitious world you must pay close attention to your actions because you are definitely headed for failure. This is not a game this is reality. Our people are suffering from an illness that will take years to cure but the cure can start with you. If you take the first step and take yourself out of this apparent pipe dream we will be on our way. Right now you are not helping our people you are destroying them. You are a terrorist to the community with no regard for the seeds that you are planting in the world. This goes for the messengers, the participants, and receivers. The hip hop artists, actors and people of influence who all engage in the destruction of black civilization for the benefit of the dollar. You are selling yourself short while adding gasoline to the the fire that is destroying our people.
Last but not least you so called penitentiary baller’s who have the proper education and thinking tolls to stop the up and coming generation from keeping racism rates high. With your glorifying of the processed meats and oodles and noodles, just because you spend the maximum amount of money at the white mans canteen, that doesn’t make you a man. Teach these brothers that coming to prison is not a place to gain fame. Teach those that are going to make a re-entry into society that education is the most important thing in the world. Knowledge is Power! If you are blessed with the ability to have outside resources don’t smear it in the less fortunate’s face. What goes up must come down. We are in slavery together don’t think for a minute that just because you keep on a fresh pair of shoes, you should be worshipped. What makes a man in the real world is the responsibility that he holds, including, his strength, the spreading of love and the respect that he gives himself and other, last but not least being able to stand face to face with opposition, conquer it and walk away with your pride, integrity and manhood. Glorifying a shit whole show how small and narrow minded your really are. The only thing that likes to sniff ass holes is dogs. If you are offended by the context of this subject you should be. You played yourself. There is no justification for the actions that we commit on our own in this society. As for the children that are too young to comprehend the disparaging actions its not your fault its on your parents or the people who made you. Those who are distributing this bullshit you are a s guilty as the devil himself. I think its time to separate the lowlife niggas and bitches from the stand up black men and women because if you put dirt into a clean cup of water the water will automatically become dirty. The honorable Elijah Muhammad once said, if you put two glasses of water on the table one clean and one dirty then tell the people to take a drink, automatically people will gravitate to the clean glass of water. I said that all in essence to say that if we separate the poisonous so called respected men and women form the unrespected one’s that I made a reference to in the beginning of this passage, I guarantee that the so called respected would choose to be with the unrespected. This is only in this Bizzarro World, in the real world black is beautiful in reality women are a mans greatest asset. In the real world to call a black man a nigga and woman a bitch its an insult. In reality prison is the worst place, it is next to death. Black women selling your bodies and walking around displaying the treasures of your bodies for the world, is not sexy. The only time those treasures should be visible is in the bedroom. I understand the Freedom of choice but the only way that you will ever gain your full respect from real men like myself and others that’s willing to protect you, is by respecting yourself. Being promiscuous wont get you in the door for success unless you are a porn star. It is all an illusion. You have children to raise and I hope that you don’t want that life style for your children. If for some reason you have a so called man living with you but somehow you are doing all the work bringing in the bread supporting him physically, mentally, and spiritually, then something aint right. Especially if you are not a prostitute, if you pay close attention he is really pimping you, unless you into that , men living off of you, you should thank him or inform him that his help is very much needed because two heads will always out do one.
Failure is not an option. Lets not forget bout the so called baller who’s living In a low income apt. with an 60,000 car, his broke so called girlfriend is walking and constantly broke. He wears the best clothing but she is always walking to the corner store in scrunchy socks or just pure slippers. The one who gets his hair cut every 4 days but his girl has never seen a beauty shop, other than the non matching weave that she puts in her head to feel beautiful for him and she’s still not close to it. Sisters, how could you settle for less than success? If you up the anty trust me brothers will strive much harder to meet your needs or continue to be lonely. If your man has it you should too. Hey lets not forget his is Bizzarro World it doesn’t happen in the real world. Sisters if you want a dose of reality lets not allow your greatest assts to be your beauty, vagina, and mouth game, because in due time it will get old and played out. You can take all the botox injections and vinegar baths in the world, your still wouldn’t be worth anything more than immediate satisfaction. If your really want some real respect allow your assets to be submission to righteousness, education, mental and physical stimulation, an economic plan for building yourself and family above the levels of poverty, a shoulder to cry on an ear to listen, and real friendship. Brothers and sisters, love your black skin. Love your broad nose, high cheek bones, coarse hair. You will always be beautiful. Let no one tell you that you are not beautiful. Fuck what white America considers beautiful. You will never be niggas and bitches, you’ll always be kings and Queens. You are different because your special. Ask yourself, why does every race on the planet earth have hair that looks like an horses tail? Ask yourself, why no other race in the world could stand the heat of the blazing sun without being treated like an enemy of it. Last, ask yourself why does everyone else have eyes that resembles creatures such as dogs, cats, insects and reptiles? If you do this you will come into an understanding that you are one of gods chosen people which makes you special. Will we ever live outside of Bizzarro World? I really don’t know. However we can as a people pay attention to the failures of ourselves as well as others. In the beginning it always looks like glitter and gold but my grandmother (may she rest in peace) always told me that everything that glitters isn’t god. We have too many people today that actually think that because it shines its good. The saddest thing in the world to see, is so many people suffering from this hallucination. For me it took something drastic, and I really want my people to avoid the pitfalls because some fall harder than others, fortunately for me I’ve been blessed to be released form the trap, due to the so called civil rights that I’ve mentioned. I see many men every day on this plantation (prison) that wish they could have another chance. They wish they had had someone like me to inform then of Bizzaro World. So please, readers if you too have fallen into Bizzarro World take this as a guide to facilitate escape and to help as many as you can that have fallen victim. If you we don’t teach our people no one will. If we think for a moment that the enemy will teach our people we are as crazy as they are. If anything, thy will continue to distort us. So this call is for our people to reveal what is seen, yet is still unseen.
I’m 22 years old and cant say that I haven’t fallen victim to this same life style. I come from the streets, this isn’t something that I saw on TV, ive been eye witness to it, I lived it, so , I have the right to talk about it. I’m no better than the next man that lived the life of struggling black man. I was just fortunately to find the truth but if you have read this message and still want to rebel against it, your are really in a sick state of mind. Get some help before its too late. I dedicate this to all the brothers and sisters with life in prison, I understand your struggle and share your pain. Though the journey may end here with your physical traveling your word can live on through others for generations to came. don’t give up on fighting this revolution your job is never done, it has only just begun. I ask that you not put down your sword and send a message to those that may be headed for the trap that caught us all. Let them know that we should take advantage of the best days of our live s which is today! For those locked down with a second chance, use this time wisely. The jewelry, cars, and women will eventually come, just be patient. You don’t have to risk your life for and inflict pain on those who love you, for some quick change (money). Get it how you live, go hard in the paint and take full advantage of striving for success. Just do it in a positive fashion. So lets rebuild and destroy.
Knowledge Allah
Love Allah.

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