Tuesday, October 28, 2008

“The Function of Criticism"

All good Gods and Earths express the state of their minds even if it is in a state of damnation we do this by coming together to build and destroy in an attempt to add on to each other.
The first thing we must always strive to acknowledge with each imparticular God or Earth, that we come in contact with is the Ultimate mental condition of said individual. It is when you recognize the mental condition of each said individual that you will begin to see what and where all things that be or she expressed through they’re wisdom comes from.
When one comes into the knowledge of self they begin to evolve over time. You start off as a star, which will eventually lead to one becoming a Sun in his own entity which will bring one into the realization that as the maker, the owner the cream of the planet earth father of civilization God of the universe he will have to create his own galaxy to show and prove self. What we always have to take into account is the mental state of each individual, some people will evolve faster and some will evolve slower. Some will never evolve past the stage of a star, some will never evolve past the stage of a planet. They will always rely on that divine sun to shine life on them. Recognize who and what your dealing with first before you lay the weight of the world on there shoulders.
When you study our history of the father Allah, and the first 9 born you have, in order: Black Messiah, Al-Salam, Prince Allah, Uhuru, Bisme, Akbar, A.B.G.7, Al-Jamal and Kiheem.
One of them evolved into Allah a lot faster then the other and that was ABG7. Do you really understand how in tune with science this show and prove process really was. When one becomes Allah he becomes totally self-sufficient, he learns to understand that all knowledge, wisdom and understanding must come from self. Now keeping in mind that the science of supreme mathematics is the key to one understanding his relationship with the universe. The sun operates off protons, neutrons and electrons. When you study the creation of the sun going back trillions of years you learn it took two trillion years to create the protons, it took 2 trillion years to create the electrons, and on completion of the 6th trillion year going into the 7th trillion year the sun became totally self sufficient and in turn began to create all these compounds which it needs to maintain its existence within itself. I must point out the 7th trillion year just as ABG was the 7th of the first nice born. He was the first to become self sufficient.
When you strive to study and break down the state of Mind of Allah its always difficult to describe in words. that’s because its elementary, it really cant be described not because its to subtle for words, but because it is to simple for words. It is when one is in this state of mind when he will do his greatest building and destroying. This is what leads to Gods criticizing Gods. Criticism does not exist to be said to gods things about themselves which things about them which they do not know about themselves which they already know about themselves, it exist to say the things about them which they do not know about themselves. The function of criticism amongst our nation, if it has any legitimate function at all can only be for one reason and that is to deal with the subconscious part of the individuals mind which the critic has the right to address as long as it is in a righteous manner, but we are never to ciriticize the conscious part of the mind because it is always on the individual to correct or address that part of self. Simply put stop looking for the un-alike in your brother or sister and look for the A-alike.
So often do we see Gods constantly looking back to yesterday and I will never doubt or criticize anyone for doing such. Me, myself, Sunborn Allah pride myself on being not only a scientist but a historian but if we want to add on to our great nation in a positive you must always be looking forward to tomorrow. Our sole purpose should be how we can make tomorrow better than today. We have all the knowledge in the world to be used how we see fit, so we know there is nothing we cannot accomplish as long as we think about the future. Know your history, but more importantly know how to apply your history to make a better tomorrow. Nothing can be to extravagant for the God that looks forward, and nothing can be too dignified for the one who looks back. Allah is God in the earth and heavens is just and true.
Allah is God, heaven is on earth, recognize and understand just who and what your dealing with.
Yes it is the same, but theirs always a difference..Peace….7

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