Thursday, December 25, 2008


In the name of Almighty God Allah, The Supreme being Blackman, who united the seeds and taught all human families of the planet earth. I greet you in his universal greetings of peace!
In this Nation there are many giants who trail blazed a path for many of us. The man I am about to speak on is very dear to my heart! Many talk the talk B.U.T this brother GOD lived it and paid the ultimate sacrifice, his life! He supremely showed and proved Allah-U-GOD, GOD-U-ALLAH! 35 years later I am still able to understand his power as he lives through me and my fruit. One of the first borns of Philly, SATU ALLAH.

SATU was born the Honorable Samuel Molten Jr., Monday January 14, 1952. As a child he grew up in South Philadelphia (P-MECCA). He lived in a house with his mother and sister on 15th street between Brainbridge and Fitchwater. He attended the neighborhood elementary school. Like many youth of the 60’s, SATU was wild and attended a school for the roughest youth in the city called KATO. Anybody who knew him always told me he was a humble brother, B.U.T. was a notorious fighter. He was one o9f the best from his gang. He was one of the hearts from 15th and Clymer gang. He was often looked to for leadership. The gang culture like all big cities was big Philly. SATU was also known to let the animals out of the cages to go free. Which brought to mind thoughts of when ALLAH told the brothers if they wanted to be free let the pigeons be free?

SATU was much liked brother amongst his peers. He was also known as FAT SAM, for his stature about 6’2, 240-260. He was a very candid brother and a great dresser. He was also a ladies man and could be found at parties with several ladies on his arm. He was a great dancer for such a big guy, which always made others jaundiced.

In July 1971 the city of Philadelphia would change forever! My beloved Amar Self aka ALLAH MASTER was staying in my hood, West Philadelphia aka P-Medina and taught 3 brothers the Black Man is God. They were Kevin, Larry and Jimmy. This all took place on 36th and Baring street. Kevin became Ramel Self, Larry became Kiheem and Jimmy became Jamel. These 3 great brothers could not keep his knowledge to themselves, so they went to their neighborhood which was South Philly on Webster Street and taught this powerful truth. SATU caught sound of the knowledge at 15th and Montrose and that day changed his life for ever.

No longer was he FAT SAM, he was SATU. He took to the knowledge like a fish to water. He was already a brother people admired, now he was the peace with the magnetic attracting the pieces without. Studying and teaching became his life. He was a true knowledge seed and gave you the knowledge. He went from gang leader to GOD. He stood on the square and mastered the circle of his environment. B.U.T of course, the authorities and the rivals did not like this change.

On Wednesday June 20th, 1973, SATU was arrested on trumped-up charges, which the Frank Rizzo police force was known to do with brothers that had to much influence in the community. Especially a brother teaching the Black Man is GO. Like the many charges he beat before he was confident he would beat these B.U.T things would be different.

SATU was sent to Holmesburg Prison. Prior to SATU’s arrest there was tension between the GODS were the peace with the magnetic attracting youth. Now SATU was a Holmes burg Prison out numbered by the Muslims and his rival from the gang days was prominent Muslim. Just like thin the streets, at Holmesburg majority did not like it. Of course SATU called my first born knowledge divine and told him he may not make it out. This point of matter can not be sot to the reader! I know many who would have stuck their tail between their legs and stop teaching B.U.T. to no avail for the warrior SATU. On August 17, 1973 on E-Block while SATU was in his bunk about 11 snakes went to kill our brother. SATU rose and fought like the warrior he was/is and will always be he ran 5 of the 11 out of his cell. He left the cell alive and later died a physical death from many wounds.

Today unlike many I realized I stand on the shoulders of giants and SATU is one of them! When I go through the bull that comes with me being me, like the most vicious slander and jealousy I draw from legends like SATU! That’s why 35 years later he is alive and well! May the peace and blessings of ALLAH always be with our brother GOD SATU ALLAH!

The Heart of Philly
Lord Kalim Allah
Supreme Team

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Significance of Parliament

Parliament to me is a time where the Gods and Earths can come together collectively and build in high sciences. Parliament is a place where you can talk about public or national affairs. It is a time when you can show and prove what it is that you know and understand. You can explain how you see things through mathematics and the days alphabet. Parliament is a time to exercise the mind by learning new things and also giving jewels to others that may not have the same knowledge as you. You can get greeted or treated, meaning if you are right and exact then the Gods will recognize that, if you are not then a parliament can turn into a bombing ground and you will be the target. When I go to parliament I learn a lot of things that help me navigate through obstacles that I face in everyday life. Parliaments are a gathering for the Gods, where Allah’s mind can be manifested through many different ciphers. I go to parliament to obtain knowledge of Allah and the only way to obtain the knowledge of Allah is to go amongst the righteous. It is a time for the righteous to come together for one common cause and experiment with high explosives. The reason I like to go is because this is where I get to hear the Gods manifest their wise words. I also get to see how wise they are through their ways and actions. I go because I get to show others how I live out Allah’s culture through Living Mathematics. I also get to receive answers for questions that I may have on a particular topic. Two Gods are always better than one, so it is always a blessing to be around other seeds who are alike me, b.u.t manifest things differently. The Gods don't just speak because they like the sound of their own voices, they show and prove, and this is what I like. Anybody can say that the Blackman is God, b.u.t when you show and prove to me how and why the Blackman is God, then you are saying something. This is what I know Parliaments are for.
God is not a mystery, God is a true and living builder who takes time out to teach those who do not know. God brings the best out of the righteous as well as the unrighteous, even if that means that the unrighteous will only be righteous around God. Parliaments are also to make sure everybody is on the same page and teaching what they are suppose to be teaching. We do not teach something that has been mixed, diluted, and tampered with in any form. When I want to know if the origin of the knowledge that I have is right and exact, I go to Parliament. When I want to meet Gods who walked and talked with Allah, I go to Parliament. When I don't understand something in mathematics or 120, I go to Parliament. Parliament is a place where you can show your strengths as well as your weaknesses. This is good for those of us who need to get stronger in certain areas. This is also a time that we can come together and talk about different issues and certain events that took place in or out of the nation. A place where you can take the youth and have a good time and also educate yourself and your family in the process. The Gods are internationally known, so when you want to find out what the Gods are teaching in Power Hill, then all you have to do is go to Parliament. The Gods are builders and you can't build with destroyers, you have to build with the builders. Parliament is a place to sharpen your sword and go back and forth with what you know. Me personally, I don't go amongst the Gods as much as I should b.u.t I go and that's all that counts. I know that it takes discipline and a lot of getting used to, to be at every Parliament, b.u.t this is why we have Parliament, to help each other become better as a nation. It is also to show those who don't know what our culture is about, to come together in one space for the same reason is a powerful statement.
Unity and Brotherhood is what we as a people need in order to make things happen that will benefit us. Parliament shows that we can unite and settle any issues that we may have with one another or anybody else in a civilized way. In order for me to live out this culture the way Allah said it should be lived out is me being around other Gods. The thing about Parliament for me is that I am still learning, and I'd knowledge is infinite, that means that as long as I go to Parliament, I will continue to build and grow. I will always have questions that need answers so I will continue to go around the Gods so that I can grow and develop. Its all about change and building a better foundation for me and my family. So I will continue to build with the true and living and strive to live out my life mathematically. Parliament is very important for our nation, and needs to be attended so that more Gods and experience and learn what it means to call yourself God and live righteously.

Peace Gods and Earths,

God Sundo Allah

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Am I Allah?"

Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths

Am I Allah? On this day of Wisdom Power, my Wisdom is powered into the existence of me being Allah God. That means to outwardly indicate my truth in actuality, powering the light of Allah, showing and proving that my foundation is in equal value to God. Who is God? God is Allah and Allah is God, always has been, always will be. The Supreme Being Black Man who teaches freedom, justice, and equality to all human families of the planet Earth. In other words, Gods reality is to fulfill a purpose. And what is that purpose? That purpose is to teach who are savage, civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself and the science in everything in life. My wisdom is the way to exert all reality in truth. Not just the reality of God, b.u.t the reality of all. Therefore, my purpose is to teach. However, I must first knowledge my flaws and errors, then rise above them; showing and proving that I am a living, breathing mainfestation of Supreme Mathematics. That's how I accurately and wisely display and reveal my power, and power is truth, and there are no errors and flaws in truth. God is my nature and Allah is my reality. To Cee it, I must transcend all limitations, mentally and physically, before I can rule supremely. I must go thru, experience the birth record, from knowledge to born and then back to the knowledge, and add a cipher, fulfilling my purpose in an infinite cipher that was set in motion from the mind of Allah.
This had to come to me in what? Time. Because the truth of I.S.L.A.M does not exist without me, or as Allah would say, "T.I does not exist without M.E". When my just and true brother in God challenged me, making the knowledge of his understanding understood. I asked my Sun, Khow do you see todays mathematics?" He made a reference to being taught by Allah. He said K the knowledge in which Allah taught me". I bombed him for saying Allah taught him, he was not even physically birthed when the Father Allah went home. My brother Justice Rameek said, Kwhat are you talking about, you are his Allah!". I told him that "I don't cee that". Then he said something ill never forget. He said "why aint you Allah?" it pisses me off when Gods put limitations on themselves as if Allah is a mystery. If you aint Allah, who is then" Whoa!! Then I thought about how I was taught that the first born used to always say to Allah, "Allah you are the greatest" and Allah would say " no Sun, the Babies are the greatest". How can the babies be greater than Allah? That's when I began to cee it! We are all suns, grandsuns, and great grandsuns of Allah, his seeds. I was taught by my Father Lord Kalim that Allah would always say "what is a seed if he aint you?". Then I began to think that my reluctance to see myself as Allah was the same as the disciples reluctance to see themselves equal to Jesus. When we are righteous like Allah, we are Allah, because the Father and the Suns are one in the same. The babies are the greatest because they are pure and honest, and if taught properly, before they are diluted, mixed, or tampered with, they more readily see their reality and accept it. This is why Allah always stressed teaching the young. Allah is the Supreme ruler of life, the universe, and all the worlds ( living mathematics, the infinite cipher, and the different peoples/ planes of existence).
The answer to my questions existed right there in the name I chose for myself, Self Actual God Allah; because self is the complete and essential being(me) who makes knowledge born internally by going through my birth record, enabling me to save myself, thus becoming a saviour; one who has the ability to say and do the right thing. Being an example is how I save others, and by being the knowledge that adds a cipher. Actually existing in the reality and fact of God, the Asiatic Blackman who is Allah. And now that I cee it, I must continue to show and prove myself to be it...alike Allah. I leave you as I came, in the universal greeting of Peace.

Self Actual God Allah
Brown Seed
Supreme Team

Please Educate All Children Everyday

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Light of the Sun

The Light of the Sun is a monthly Five Percent digest which is published by Breath of Life Creations, Inc. In conjunction with the National Archive project of Allahs Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths. The principle objective and purpose of The Light of the Sun is to collect, record, preserve, and distribute the events and history of the Gods and Earths that have participated with the National Archive Project in being interviewed and recorded by the God Rashiem Allah as a part of the "interviews with God" dvd series.
The Light of the Sun is transcribed, edited, and published by the founder of Breath of Life Creations Inc, God C-Allah from the head of Medina Fort Greene. His Breath of Life Creations Inc, is a not for profit 501c(3) corporation that has been righteously laboring In The Name of Allah since 2001. Primarily servicing his Fort Greene community in Brooklyn, Now why, the God C-Allah has been publishing The Light of the Sun through his Breath of Life Creations Inc since november 2007, in order to share the wise wisdom words of Allahs Five Percent with those who may not have access to the DvD's otherwise.
Filled with the supreme knowledge and wisdom of Allahs true and living Five Percent, The Light of the Sun provides firsthand insight and clarity into the rich history and accomplishments of Allahs Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earths, directly from the words of the pioneers and trailblazers that lived it! In addition to the transcribed interveiws from the outstanding Dvd series, The Light of the Sun also includes excerpts of Almighty God Allah himself speaking at the Ottisville Training School for Boys (11/15/67), transcriptions of differnet speakers from our universal parliaments and our nation functions, as well as classic and informative articles written by First Born of Medina Universal Shammguadd Allah, C-Allah, and a host of others.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

“The Function of Criticism"

All good Gods and Earths express the state of their minds even if it is in a state of damnation we do this by coming together to build and destroy in an attempt to add on to each other.
The first thing we must always strive to acknowledge with each imparticular God or Earth, that we come in contact with is the Ultimate mental condition of said individual. It is when you recognize the mental condition of each said individual that you will begin to see what and where all things that be or she expressed through they’re wisdom comes from.
When one comes into the knowledge of self they begin to evolve over time. You start off as a star, which will eventually lead to one becoming a Sun in his own entity which will bring one into the realization that as the maker, the owner the cream of the planet earth father of civilization God of the universe he will have to create his own galaxy to show and prove self. What we always have to take into account is the mental state of each individual, some people will evolve faster and some will evolve slower. Some will never evolve past the stage of a star, some will never evolve past the stage of a planet. They will always rely on that divine sun to shine life on them. Recognize who and what your dealing with first before you lay the weight of the world on there shoulders.
When you study our history of the father Allah, and the first 9 born you have, in order: Black Messiah, Al-Salam, Prince Allah, Uhuru, Bisme, Akbar, A.B.G.7, Al-Jamal and Kiheem.
One of them evolved into Allah a lot faster then the other and that was ABG7. Do you really understand how in tune with science this show and prove process really was. When one becomes Allah he becomes totally self-sufficient, he learns to understand that all knowledge, wisdom and understanding must come from self. Now keeping in mind that the science of supreme mathematics is the key to one understanding his relationship with the universe. The sun operates off protons, neutrons and electrons. When you study the creation of the sun going back trillions of years you learn it took two trillion years to create the protons, it took 2 trillion years to create the electrons, and on completion of the 6th trillion year going into the 7th trillion year the sun became totally self sufficient and in turn began to create all these compounds which it needs to maintain its existence within itself. I must point out the 7th trillion year just as ABG was the 7th of the first nice born. He was the first to become self sufficient.
When you strive to study and break down the state of Mind of Allah its always difficult to describe in words. that’s because its elementary, it really cant be described not because its to subtle for words, but because it is to simple for words. It is when one is in this state of mind when he will do his greatest building and destroying. This is what leads to Gods criticizing Gods. Criticism does not exist to be said to gods things about themselves which things about them which they do not know about themselves which they already know about themselves, it exist to say the things about them which they do not know about themselves. The function of criticism amongst our nation, if it has any legitimate function at all can only be for one reason and that is to deal with the subconscious part of the individuals mind which the critic has the right to address as long as it is in a righteous manner, but we are never to ciriticize the conscious part of the mind because it is always on the individual to correct or address that part of self. Simply put stop looking for the un-alike in your brother or sister and look for the A-alike.
So often do we see Gods constantly looking back to yesterday and I will never doubt or criticize anyone for doing such. Me, myself, Sunborn Allah pride myself on being not only a scientist but a historian but if we want to add on to our great nation in a positive you must always be looking forward to tomorrow. Our sole purpose should be how we can make tomorrow better than today. We have all the knowledge in the world to be used how we see fit, so we know there is nothing we cannot accomplish as long as we think about the future. Know your history, but more importantly know how to apply your history to make a better tomorrow. Nothing can be to extravagant for the God that looks forward, and nothing can be too dignified for the one who looks back. Allah is God in the earth and heavens is just and true.
Allah is God, heaven is on earth, recognize and understand just who and what your dealing with.
Yes it is the same, but theirs always a difference..Peace….7

Monday, October 27, 2008

Knowledge Tastes like water, Wisdom flows like water, Understanding is clear like water

I enter the realm of all builders with a build that I fast and meditate will spark and lignite the energy inside so that builders can build and babies can cee. Water is h2o, the liquid that all things (living) have to intake or open freely to allow to enter ones body or roots. Water is the true substance which is an essential part of quality of earthly life. Knowledge is accumulated or the gathering of facts. It is a fact that when one has a quench or desire to satisfy his thirst and when they are at the point of dehydration they drink any liquid that is reachable or in arms length, and if it is not water it truly does not meet the proper refinement to the body. To drink anything other than water is a fact that your not drinking the purest substance that was created by Allah, so you don’t get the true taste (which is the sensation obtained by a substance).
Now, when one inquires to learn or educate himself, he desires to take in knowledge, the same as when a man dying of thirst desires water. A dying man never asks for soda, liquor, or any beverage born universal truth water when he is at that point. A man who is straining to came out of a dead state mentally has his eyes and ears open to obtain knowledge. Keep in mind, one can be so thirsty that he will swallow all liquids (diluted water or truth) born universal truth he will never get the taste he needs until he swallows the purest liquid or knowledge. Once he begins drinking clean water or proper knowledge it will flush the trick knowledge out of ones system that is not useful. Once one begins to continue to educate himself with proper knowledge he then may realize that the best substance mentally is proper knowledge that tastes like water. Wisdom is wise words spoken by a wise man, woman, or child. Wisdom is that which reflects off of the substance that has been swallowed, “knowledge”, wisdom expresses the things one knows mentally. Water flows when it is on a slanted or downward course that proceeds smoothly or readily. Now cipher wisdom, when water is flowing it shows movement, force, or some type of tilt or pressure that has caused its activation. It moves along on its passage freely, without being put to a hold. When one speaks the things he knows, it flows naturally like fresh wind off fresh water, or great words from great wisdom. Wisdom flows according to the knowledge and experience that one comes intuned with. The same as water takes its course along the river, wisdom takes its course of action when one manifests insight and knows how to apply his knowledge. When wisdom is shown, its symbolic to how water cleanses things because power that is spoken will prove how refined you are mentally. As wisdom shows the wiseness, and moves in its own certain way, a river again moves in its own certain way. When one speaks the things he knows proficiently its symbolic to ones wisdom flowing like water.
Understanding is having the ability to comprehend as well as getting a clear perception of a particular person, place or thing.
Now cipher wisdom, diluted water will cause an individual not to be able to see though its surface and to what lies beneath. Tampered with knowledge causes the truth to be beneath so many mythologies and false beliefs that it is hard to cee. In order for one to get to cee what is beneath the contaminated water they have to indulge in it or refine it. The same as when knowledge has been mixed or tempered with one must go beyond the surface until they find that that is pure, which is the understanding that will allow you to recognize or identify the truth. Once the water is refined from the dirt, filth, and poison you will actually see through to what once was unseen. After one eliminates the false hood and is able to get awareness/perception, one should be able to have discovered the fact of understanding is being able to cee things for what they are and not what they appear to be. Once again, once things are accepted for what they really are, your understanding will be as clear as water. PEACE!

Righteous 9 Allah

Monday, October 20, 2008

All Ciphers See the Truth

Peace to my beloved Nation of God and Earth And peace to all the readers of The Light of the Sun, this issue finds us in the 10th month of the calendar year known as October in the 85% world, and the knowledge add cipher or cipher see truth month to Allah’s 5%. This month represents a change for many different reasons, on many different levels. Just as October was changed from the 8th month to the 10th month, this is the time of the year when the weather patterns change, so our social patterns also change, and life in general changes eighth the seasons. It is the natural cycle of life, as change is the most permanent factor in Living Mathematics. So it is continually said amongst the wise that Allah gave us mathematics for a reason, not a season. Just as seasons change people change, because life itself dictates changes. that’s why Allah taught us that “as life change, you change, if not your going to die”. and all ciphers that see the truth of Allah will surely change for r the better. Change itself can have a reward or it may have a penalty, depending upon the circumstances we’ve created for ourselves, the timing of our actions, and the consequences of the results we produce. In living mathematics, this is the science of justice. For just I will cee the equality of all my choices because just I will cee the rewards or the penalties of my own decisions in life. And because justice is the mathematical law of nature, it does not change. Which shows us that we cannot break the law of nature, we can only break ourselves against the law. Think about it, what this proves to me is that my justice for truly living my mathematics out fright and exact will always bring about change in my life; while still remaining grounded in the foundational principles of Allah’s 36 kees of reality. “god is swift and changeable, yet remain able”. Allah’s words are crystal clear. Our mathematical principles of life are the fundamental and unchangeable laws of nature that will always remain the same. Our application and living manifestations of mathematics is what must always be swift and changeable in order for us to be successful in all of our undertakings. These are facts of life.
I cee October as the month wherein all ciphers will see the truth of Allah when I-God manifest my radiant displays of living mathematics, so that the truth is seen and heard in any and all ciphers I add on to daily. With the supreme knowledge of Allah I add on to and change all of the ciphers of though I partake in, as well as the social ciphers of equality that I move in, and the righteous ciphers of truth I build and teach in. because just like Allah taught, my mathematics are swift and changeable. that’s a fact jack, it was in the above mentioned climate of change that almighty God Allah ensured that all ciphers see truth, by changing the course of history and giving birth to his very first nine born mental suns. On the 10th day of the 10th month our nation was born with the truth that is seen in all ciphers. Knowledge add a what? Cipher. That means if I had the knowledge and I tell your some thing and you didn’t know it, I have a cipher.” surely it is the Supreme Knowledge that Allah revealed 44 years ago that has added each and every one of us unto his cipher to see the truth. So Happy Degree Day Nation!! By us living Allah’s mathematics just as he decreed, people everywhere, in all ciphers, can see the truth of god being lived out and taught in this day and time. Just as our beloved first born did for us in raising our first generation of true and living Gods, Earths and Five percenters. Showing and proving that the truth of living mathematics will always be seen in Allah’s ciphers each and every day, in each and every way. So as we all come together this month in mind and nation to recognize and celebrate the birth and genesis of Allah’s world manifest, I strongly urge some of the ciphers in this nation to take another look and see if the truth of Allah has been kept as he decreed it? Or has someone else’s so-called “knowledge” attempted to add on to the cipher of perfection Allah brought forth? We must never allow our birth record to be diluted, mixed or tampered with. In any form yet many today have different mathematics and alphabets than me and mine, different lessons, and different historical accounts of Allah, his elders, our first born and their fruit that sometimes doesn’t add up with what has been handed down to me through my Tree of life to Allah. Why is that? As we collectively renew our history this month, these discrepancies need to be examined thoroughly on a national level, because as I cee it, if your cipher does not see the truth the same way Allah, our First Born, and their successive generations, have left it for us, then the truth is that I do not see the foundation of your cipher as being right and exact. Whether your accept if or reject t, I will never “let no one change or stop these teachings Sun’. like it or lump it. I am honored to be blessed with the burden of carrying on the legacy of Allah and his First Born, as well as all of the pioneers and trailblazers that came after them, so that today I can be born alive as Gods Savior manifesting the Supreme Truth of Allah. And although many continue to overlook and ignore the glory of our past history or Qur’an, I will never change what has been passed down to me as my birthright Because I am supremely rooted within the tree of life of Allah. As I was taught to always know my history and beware of twistory! Therefore no one or nothing could ever try to minimize the greatness and importance of knowing Allah’s history and that of his just and true suns, for that is the best way to renew the lifeline to Allah/ my tree of life goes all the way back to our beginning that never began, so my foundation will always be everlastingly unshakable, regardless of whom or what, until the ending that will never end. Only trees with weak roots fall in the storms of life, and mine is here to stay, now and forever more. By being rooted in the Supreme mathematical principles of Allah himself, and the divine value system he brought forth for our universal family to abide by and live out history to. Can you honestly say that your doing the same? Does your cipher see truth? Because the truth of Allah is surely seen in all ciphers.
In closing, I remind you all that we write and make the 5% history or Qur’an with our lives, and that amongst the True and Living, the first is as good as the last and the last is as good as the first. However, first we must do the knowledge to the cipher that was brought forth for us to see the truth, when we can teach if just as real as all of the greats that came before us. Allah showed me how good I can be, and my beloved mental father showed me how to last through the tests of time, so willfully we all do the same, together in mind. Happy Degree Day Nation!! Your are still the greatest, all praise due to Allah! Peace!

Scientific Born Allah