Tuesday, October 28, 2008

“The Function of Criticism"

All good Gods and Earths express the state of their minds even if it is in a state of damnation we do this by coming together to build and destroy in an attempt to add on to each other.
The first thing we must always strive to acknowledge with each imparticular God or Earth, that we come in contact with is the Ultimate mental condition of said individual. It is when you recognize the mental condition of each said individual that you will begin to see what and where all things that be or she expressed through they’re wisdom comes from.
When one comes into the knowledge of self they begin to evolve over time. You start off as a star, which will eventually lead to one becoming a Sun in his own entity which will bring one into the realization that as the maker, the owner the cream of the planet earth father of civilization God of the universe he will have to create his own galaxy to show and prove self. What we always have to take into account is the mental state of each individual, some people will evolve faster and some will evolve slower. Some will never evolve past the stage of a star, some will never evolve past the stage of a planet. They will always rely on that divine sun to shine life on them. Recognize who and what your dealing with first before you lay the weight of the world on there shoulders.
When you study our history of the father Allah, and the first 9 born you have, in order: Black Messiah, Al-Salam, Prince Allah, Uhuru, Bisme, Akbar, A.B.G.7, Al-Jamal and Kiheem.
One of them evolved into Allah a lot faster then the other and that was ABG7. Do you really understand how in tune with science this show and prove process really was. When one becomes Allah he becomes totally self-sufficient, he learns to understand that all knowledge, wisdom and understanding must come from self. Now keeping in mind that the science of supreme mathematics is the key to one understanding his relationship with the universe. The sun operates off protons, neutrons and electrons. When you study the creation of the sun going back trillions of years you learn it took two trillion years to create the protons, it took 2 trillion years to create the electrons, and on completion of the 6th trillion year going into the 7th trillion year the sun became totally self sufficient and in turn began to create all these compounds which it needs to maintain its existence within itself. I must point out the 7th trillion year just as ABG was the 7th of the first nice born. He was the first to become self sufficient.
When you strive to study and break down the state of Mind of Allah its always difficult to describe in words. that’s because its elementary, it really cant be described not because its to subtle for words, but because it is to simple for words. It is when one is in this state of mind when he will do his greatest building and destroying. This is what leads to Gods criticizing Gods. Criticism does not exist to be said to gods things about themselves which things about them which they do not know about themselves which they already know about themselves, it exist to say the things about them which they do not know about themselves. The function of criticism amongst our nation, if it has any legitimate function at all can only be for one reason and that is to deal with the subconscious part of the individuals mind which the critic has the right to address as long as it is in a righteous manner, but we are never to ciriticize the conscious part of the mind because it is always on the individual to correct or address that part of self. Simply put stop looking for the un-alike in your brother or sister and look for the A-alike.
So often do we see Gods constantly looking back to yesterday and I will never doubt or criticize anyone for doing such. Me, myself, Sunborn Allah pride myself on being not only a scientist but a historian but if we want to add on to our great nation in a positive you must always be looking forward to tomorrow. Our sole purpose should be how we can make tomorrow better than today. We have all the knowledge in the world to be used how we see fit, so we know there is nothing we cannot accomplish as long as we think about the future. Know your history, but more importantly know how to apply your history to make a better tomorrow. Nothing can be to extravagant for the God that looks forward, and nothing can be too dignified for the one who looks back. Allah is God in the earth and heavens is just and true.
Allah is God, heaven is on earth, recognize and understand just who and what your dealing with.
Yes it is the same, but theirs always a difference..Peace….7

Monday, October 27, 2008

Knowledge Tastes like water, Wisdom flows like water, Understanding is clear like water

I enter the realm of all builders with a build that I fast and meditate will spark and lignite the energy inside so that builders can build and babies can cee. Water is h2o, the liquid that all things (living) have to intake or open freely to allow to enter ones body or roots. Water is the true substance which is an essential part of quality of earthly life. Knowledge is accumulated or the gathering of facts. It is a fact that when one has a quench or desire to satisfy his thirst and when they are at the point of dehydration they drink any liquid that is reachable or in arms length, and if it is not water it truly does not meet the proper refinement to the body. To drink anything other than water is a fact that your not drinking the purest substance that was created by Allah, so you don’t get the true taste (which is the sensation obtained by a substance).
Now, when one inquires to learn or educate himself, he desires to take in knowledge, the same as when a man dying of thirst desires water. A dying man never asks for soda, liquor, or any beverage born universal truth water when he is at that point. A man who is straining to came out of a dead state mentally has his eyes and ears open to obtain knowledge. Keep in mind, one can be so thirsty that he will swallow all liquids (diluted water or truth) born universal truth he will never get the taste he needs until he swallows the purest liquid or knowledge. Once he begins drinking clean water or proper knowledge it will flush the trick knowledge out of ones system that is not useful. Once one begins to continue to educate himself with proper knowledge he then may realize that the best substance mentally is proper knowledge that tastes like water. Wisdom is wise words spoken by a wise man, woman, or child. Wisdom is that which reflects off of the substance that has been swallowed, “knowledge”, wisdom expresses the things one knows mentally. Water flows when it is on a slanted or downward course that proceeds smoothly or readily. Now cipher wisdom, when water is flowing it shows movement, force, or some type of tilt or pressure that has caused its activation. It moves along on its passage freely, without being put to a hold. When one speaks the things he knows, it flows naturally like fresh wind off fresh water, or great words from great wisdom. Wisdom flows according to the knowledge and experience that one comes intuned with. The same as water takes its course along the river, wisdom takes its course of action when one manifests insight and knows how to apply his knowledge. When wisdom is shown, its symbolic to how water cleanses things because power that is spoken will prove how refined you are mentally. As wisdom shows the wiseness, and moves in its own certain way, a river again moves in its own certain way. When one speaks the things he knows proficiently its symbolic to ones wisdom flowing like water.
Understanding is having the ability to comprehend as well as getting a clear perception of a particular person, place or thing.
Now cipher wisdom, diluted water will cause an individual not to be able to see though its surface and to what lies beneath. Tampered with knowledge causes the truth to be beneath so many mythologies and false beliefs that it is hard to cee. In order for one to get to cee what is beneath the contaminated water they have to indulge in it or refine it. The same as when knowledge has been mixed or tempered with one must go beyond the surface until they find that that is pure, which is the understanding that will allow you to recognize or identify the truth. Once the water is refined from the dirt, filth, and poison you will actually see through to what once was unseen. After one eliminates the false hood and is able to get awareness/perception, one should be able to have discovered the fact of understanding is being able to cee things for what they are and not what they appear to be. Once again, once things are accepted for what they really are, your understanding will be as clear as water. PEACE!

Righteous 9 Allah

Monday, October 20, 2008

All Ciphers See the Truth

Peace to my beloved Nation of God and Earth And peace to all the readers of The Light of the Sun, this issue finds us in the 10th month of the calendar year known as October in the 85% world, and the knowledge add cipher or cipher see truth month to Allah’s 5%. This month represents a change for many different reasons, on many different levels. Just as October was changed from the 8th month to the 10th month, this is the time of the year when the weather patterns change, so our social patterns also change, and life in general changes eighth the seasons. It is the natural cycle of life, as change is the most permanent factor in Living Mathematics. So it is continually said amongst the wise that Allah gave us mathematics for a reason, not a season. Just as seasons change people change, because life itself dictates changes. that’s why Allah taught us that “as life change, you change, if not your going to die”. and all ciphers that see the truth of Allah will surely change for r the better. Change itself can have a reward or it may have a penalty, depending upon the circumstances we’ve created for ourselves, the timing of our actions, and the consequences of the results we produce. In living mathematics, this is the science of justice. For just I will cee the equality of all my choices because just I will cee the rewards or the penalties of my own decisions in life. And because justice is the mathematical law of nature, it does not change. Which shows us that we cannot break the law of nature, we can only break ourselves against the law. Think about it, what this proves to me is that my justice for truly living my mathematics out fright and exact will always bring about change in my life; while still remaining grounded in the foundational principles of Allah’s 36 kees of reality. “god is swift and changeable, yet remain able”. Allah’s words are crystal clear. Our mathematical principles of life are the fundamental and unchangeable laws of nature that will always remain the same. Our application and living manifestations of mathematics is what must always be swift and changeable in order for us to be successful in all of our undertakings. These are facts of life.
I cee October as the month wherein all ciphers will see the truth of Allah when I-God manifest my radiant displays of living mathematics, so that the truth is seen and heard in any and all ciphers I add on to daily. With the supreme knowledge of Allah I add on to and change all of the ciphers of though I partake in, as well as the social ciphers of equality that I move in, and the righteous ciphers of truth I build and teach in. because just like Allah taught, my mathematics are swift and changeable. that’s a fact jack, it was in the above mentioned climate of change that almighty God Allah ensured that all ciphers see truth, by changing the course of history and giving birth to his very first nine born mental suns. On the 10th day of the 10th month our nation was born with the truth that is seen in all ciphers. Knowledge add a what? Cipher. That means if I had the knowledge and I tell your some thing and you didn’t know it, I have a cipher.” surely it is the Supreme Knowledge that Allah revealed 44 years ago that has added each and every one of us unto his cipher to see the truth. So Happy Degree Day Nation!! By us living Allah’s mathematics just as he decreed, people everywhere, in all ciphers, can see the truth of god being lived out and taught in this day and time. Just as our beloved first born did for us in raising our first generation of true and living Gods, Earths and Five percenters. Showing and proving that the truth of living mathematics will always be seen in Allah’s ciphers each and every day, in each and every way. So as we all come together this month in mind and nation to recognize and celebrate the birth and genesis of Allah’s world manifest, I strongly urge some of the ciphers in this nation to take another look and see if the truth of Allah has been kept as he decreed it? Or has someone else’s so-called “knowledge” attempted to add on to the cipher of perfection Allah brought forth? We must never allow our birth record to be diluted, mixed or tampered with. In any form yet many today have different mathematics and alphabets than me and mine, different lessons, and different historical accounts of Allah, his elders, our first born and their fruit that sometimes doesn’t add up with what has been handed down to me through my Tree of life to Allah. Why is that? As we collectively renew our history this month, these discrepancies need to be examined thoroughly on a national level, because as I cee it, if your cipher does not see the truth the same way Allah, our First Born, and their successive generations, have left it for us, then the truth is that I do not see the foundation of your cipher as being right and exact. Whether your accept if or reject t, I will never “let no one change or stop these teachings Sun’. like it or lump it. I am honored to be blessed with the burden of carrying on the legacy of Allah and his First Born, as well as all of the pioneers and trailblazers that came after them, so that today I can be born alive as Gods Savior manifesting the Supreme Truth of Allah. And although many continue to overlook and ignore the glory of our past history or Qur’an, I will never change what has been passed down to me as my birthright Because I am supremely rooted within the tree of life of Allah. As I was taught to always know my history and beware of twistory! Therefore no one or nothing could ever try to minimize the greatness and importance of knowing Allah’s history and that of his just and true suns, for that is the best way to renew the lifeline to Allah/ my tree of life goes all the way back to our beginning that never began, so my foundation will always be everlastingly unshakable, regardless of whom or what, until the ending that will never end. Only trees with weak roots fall in the storms of life, and mine is here to stay, now and forever more. By being rooted in the Supreme mathematical principles of Allah himself, and the divine value system he brought forth for our universal family to abide by and live out history to. Can you honestly say that your doing the same? Does your cipher see truth? Because the truth of Allah is surely seen in all ciphers.
In closing, I remind you all that we write and make the 5% history or Qur’an with our lives, and that amongst the True and Living, the first is as good as the last and the last is as good as the first. However, first we must do the knowledge to the cipher that was brought forth for us to see the truth, when we can teach if just as real as all of the greats that came before us. Allah showed me how good I can be, and my beloved mental father showed me how to last through the tests of time, so willfully we all do the same, together in mind. Happy Degree Day Nation!! Your are still the greatest, all praise due to Allah! Peace!

Scientific Born Allah

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Poisoned Kings" By Complex Understanding Allah

Poisoned Kings
By Complex Understanding Allah

Today is the most praised day, the most beautiful day in existence, to be, that was since the early to mid 60’s and that will continue to be for many many more moons to come. Today is the 10th day of October! Now if I’m not mistaken, today is the birth of our nation, my nation, your nation. The father, which all praises are due, manifested himself on this day, in the year of 1964, 44 years ago. 4+4 borns build and destroy, so let us observe our birth, thru our father Allah. Why would I title this build the poisoned kings? Well, I’m in the injustice right now and I’m around 4 types of people. 5 percenters, 85ers, and 10 percenters, and Gods. People may ask, “well I thought gods were the same as 5 percenters” let me explain to those who know not. A god for one not just know his culture as I-God (I am God) and then understands the 1st degree in the student enrollment also a true and living God doesn’t indulge in the actions or even desires, within self, of the uncivil poisoned animal eaters. Some 5ers are more of the true and living compared to the so called gods. I call them wooden nickels. Pretenders! The ones that just have a good memory that quote the 120 so well, you would swear they walked with the father. Born U Square, they are just quoting fools. My teacher, enlightener, brother, confidante and best friend Asean B. Allah (Saviour City) taught me a lot of things, and one of the most important things were that a quoting fool speaks not of his own understanding! Why? The 25th degree in the SA, asked by a 85er because they don’t know, asked by a wise man because he wants to know, God is the only one who is qualified to answer it. So allow me to answer. Why? Because the quoting fool has no understanding to cee it for what it clearly is. Just knowledge and 89% of that knowledge that he feels he has is just a damn good memory! So there is no wisdom involved because that particular individual hasn’t applied the ledge that was known. So it is impossible for Divine Understanding or Supreme Realization to be manifested and brought forth, due to it not being there! During my 2 to 3yr travels within the injustice yacubs children’s call corrections, I’ve seen more uncivilized and unrighteous wooden nickels, than I have true and living original men, builders. The real builders don’t tolerate, deal or associate with the interior cipher known as “the body” now when I see cipher on paper or I hear it auditory, I refer to my foundation. I know cipher to be a completion of knowledge , wisdom, and understanding, not just memorization of the lessons, quoting the 120 but not applying or seeing it clearly and showing and telling instead of showing and proving. Today is the day of our completion after the Fathers 2nd revelation and being that in the NYSDOCS already recognized us (thank you “Intelligent Tarrief Allah”) as a religious group of people that is going to live out our culture one way or another , I myself ate before sunrise and haven’t eaten anything and wont until the sun sets in the west. If the other religious and said nations other than Islam have the deaf, dumb and blind mental state of destruction and can fast from not just rod but profanity, impulse and other factors of savage ways and diminishment, then why are there gods eating today, when they all should be observing this day? Simple, they are not yet Gods, they are still 85, and 10% and 5%ers that just quote. They don’t apply what the father manifested let alone have the 3 to cee it as it is or at least should be. a lot of these so called Gods, question my attribute, saying that god is simple and if I’m God, why is my attribute Complex? Let us use our foundation to born out COMPLEX and cee it for what it is. SM is our Universal calculator, so me completing those six letters, I get God, hmmm! So if Complex borns God, then what is complex? What the devil told us it was thru the Webster’s dictionary or is it god? See, the knowledge isn’t applied. These certain individuals say that complex is emphatically now cipher, so do you mean to say that I’m not god? But, wait a second. My attribute borns out who I am, God! This isn’t even scratching the surface my nation, this is a brief, but in the excitement of me using my great brain and making it rain, I will keep it brief. I am the true and living and so are all the others that read this, but remember we forgot who we were at one point and time. Our grain of discrepancy made devil, so by us not applying our knowledge, how could we possibly wisdom the seed of knowledge to bring forth the proper understanding, to not just teach freedom, justice and equality, but to live out our culture and teach it to all the human families of the planet earth and take the devil off of our land once and for all? Poisoned Kings, rise up, know you are Supreme, apply your lessons, they lie not and they will call your attribute from that duty of self! Be wise because if you are not the all eye seeing, who is ? Surely not he who was grafted and uses 6 million miles of useful land everyday.
Today’s SM is Knowledge Cipher, abbt Knowledge, and in the SA its Justice. Know who you are, there wont be a second devil!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Bizzaro World pt 2"

Now allow me to give you an acute glimpse at the unrespected black man: the man that commits himself to education, hard work and dedication to building a family. The one you see everyday dropping his children off at school, pants on his waist, briefcase or tools in hand, cash and credit cards in pocket, owning his own legal business or working a decent job; the man with wife at home that he treats like a Queen, is the unrespected weak man. This same illiberal man is the one who would rater die today before he sells his mother or a teenage pregnant women drugs. This insignificant man that has never let the thought of killing another human being cross his mind, the one that has never saw a prison unless it was on TV or from the outside, and has never called any women anything close to other than her name, is the unrespected men. The man that takes care of his family by gaining his money in a legal fashion, teaches his children that education shall be fashioned so that we can become self sufficient as a people, is the man that has no chance in Bizzarro World to ever be a citizen, let alone gain the respect as a man. don’t forget that this is the chump that is attending PTA meetings at his children’s school, supporting their academic achievement, as well as giving full support for their dreams and aspirations in a positive manner. The man that goes to sporting events, doctors appointments, or just out enjoying times with his family and friends is the one looked down on. He worships none other than his own, he doesn’t talk about his dreams, he’s actually chasing them with a real effort and true energy. This artificial family oriented weirdo that honors a monogamous relationship, while concentrating on what is best for the betterment his family is considered a sucker with a prior, being the most unrespected man in the new millennium that is called Bizzarro World. There has never been a people so ruined in the history of civilization on this planet! that’s not natural. That’s not universal. And it damn sure isn’t ordinary. I’m hurt to point that at times I feel sick to my stomach. The main reason is that I once glorified these same acts of savagery. I was in a haze. The tricknowledge was planted in me at such a young age. I had no clue what I was up against. What’s so baffling is that you could have brought actual facts to me and said that I was blinded and going the wrong route on my journey of life, and I would have fought you with all I had. I just knew what I was doing was right. I know that the things that I once said and done were all ordinary and cool because every one around me had done it. There was a legendary guide book left behind for me to follow so that I could become the next ghetto hustler. It was in my music, in the movies I’d watch, commercials, school, community advertisements, billboards and buses. All the above are positive out looks so it had to be cool, at least that’s what I thought. After having my freedom stripped away, so that I could fulfill my dream and visit the plantation (prison), I’m one of the most enraged black men in America. I know why the white man called Malcolm x the angriest man in America after his release from prison and rise to leadership with the nation of Islam. After being put into slavery I have an understanding of what my ancestors went through during there days of servitude. The free labor, staying in dept with restitution, the loss of freedom. The loss of the natural option to think for self. Having to be told when and what to eat, when to sleep and use the bathroom, go outside, while not having the option to choose a place of residence. Breaking a law results to being punished with more time in slavery. You cant buy your way out, and its up to your master ( the governor) to determine when you are able to be released. You have no right whatsoever to question the decisions that your master makes for you. If this is not slavery, then what is it? However after being incarcerated for so long I began to feel uneasy about the whole thought of being away from my family for a numerous amount of years, so I began to study history and open m y mind to the possibly that I may have made wrong decisions in life. In doing so I actually found out that this place that has been praised so much by my so called friends is not what it was made out to be. This shit isn’t cool. This is slavery. This is not what my ancestors gave their lives for. This is not even a natural state of mind, this is the very definition of uncivilized. How could being subjected to having another man make you get butt naked in from of a thousand other men be cool? How could smelling another mans feces at the same time your confined to a 6 by 9 closet be something special? How could showering with men for years at a time along with sleeping in a closet with men ever be the greatest level of achievement? How did you not see this trap for what it really is? I’m not blind, I can see. So how could I be so irresponsible, inconsiderate, in denial, selfish and na├»ve? Prison made me Question a many decisions that I have made. Why are we as a people taught to be so destructive to our own people? Why do I worship a god that doesn’t even look like me nor anyone in my family? Why don’t I like the color of my skin (im speaking of the black family collectively because we are one and the same. Viewed under the same microscope). I really began to understand the concept that a person could have 20/20 vision and still not see what is directly in his face. that’s what enraged me, I had fallen victim to the same tricknowledge that my ancestors gave their lives for me to avoid. This so called glamorous life is designed for nothing but failure. Some may have a little success in this “game” of life, but most definitely the end result will be failure. So why even indulge? It as if we are huge rats chasing a block of cheese on a trap (jail). As humans we have the comprehension to know that the trap kills. Every time someone is caught trying to abstract the cheese and is not killed on impact and through so called civil rights is set free he gets the illusion that if he only tries a little harder and becomes a little quieter, he can escape with the cheese. To no avail they are trapped again. This trap is so accurately equipped that even there so called best eventually get caught. So if you have the chance, leave the trap alone, if you don’t you will either be sentenced to death, die on the trap suffering and regretting the pain you brought upon yourself, or die on impact. This is Bizzarro World. This cant be the real world, everyone else is winning in life, as a people. Me and my people are living constant loosing game that actually was lost when it started. Now that the wool is off of my eyes I understand I was living in an illusory world that only existed in black America. I must break the chains of this psychological slavery and try my best to point the picture clearly so the next generation can rise above this Bizzarro World into the world of reality with the rest of society. As for the black men that are living in this fictitious world you must pay close attention to your actions because you are definitely headed for failure. This is not a game this is reality. Our people are suffering from an illness that will take years to cure but the cure can start with you. If you take the first step and take yourself out of this apparent pipe dream we will be on our way. Right now you are not helping our people you are destroying them. You are a terrorist to the community with no regard for the seeds that you are planting in the world. This goes for the messengers, the participants, and receivers. The hip hop artists, actors and people of influence who all engage in the destruction of black civilization for the benefit of the dollar. You are selling yourself short while adding gasoline to the the fire that is destroying our people.
Last but not least you so called penitentiary baller’s who have the proper education and thinking tolls to stop the up and coming generation from keeping racism rates high. With your glorifying of the processed meats and oodles and noodles, just because you spend the maximum amount of money at the white mans canteen, that doesn’t make you a man. Teach these brothers that coming to prison is not a place to gain fame. Teach those that are going to make a re-entry into society that education is the most important thing in the world. Knowledge is Power! If you are blessed with the ability to have outside resources don’t smear it in the less fortunate’s face. What goes up must come down. We are in slavery together don’t think for a minute that just because you keep on a fresh pair of shoes, you should be worshipped. What makes a man in the real world is the responsibility that he holds, including, his strength, the spreading of love and the respect that he gives himself and other, last but not least being able to stand face to face with opposition, conquer it and walk away with your pride, integrity and manhood. Glorifying a shit whole show how small and narrow minded your really are. The only thing that likes to sniff ass holes is dogs. If you are offended by the context of this subject you should be. You played yourself. There is no justification for the actions that we commit on our own in this society. As for the children that are too young to comprehend the disparaging actions its not your fault its on your parents or the people who made you. Those who are distributing this bullshit you are a s guilty as the devil himself. I think its time to separate the lowlife niggas and bitches from the stand up black men and women because if you put dirt into a clean cup of water the water will automatically become dirty. The honorable Elijah Muhammad once said, if you put two glasses of water on the table one clean and one dirty then tell the people to take a drink, automatically people will gravitate to the clean glass of water. I said that all in essence to say that if we separate the poisonous so called respected men and women form the unrespected one’s that I made a reference to in the beginning of this passage, I guarantee that the so called respected would choose to be with the unrespected. This is only in this Bizzarro World, in the real world black is beautiful in reality women are a mans greatest asset. In the real world to call a black man a nigga and woman a bitch its an insult. In reality prison is the worst place, it is next to death. Black women selling your bodies and walking around displaying the treasures of your bodies for the world, is not sexy. The only time those treasures should be visible is in the bedroom. I understand the Freedom of choice but the only way that you will ever gain your full respect from real men like myself and others that’s willing to protect you, is by respecting yourself. Being promiscuous wont get you in the door for success unless you are a porn star. It is all an illusion. You have children to raise and I hope that you don’t want that life style for your children. If for some reason you have a so called man living with you but somehow you are doing all the work bringing in the bread supporting him physically, mentally, and spiritually, then something aint right. Especially if you are not a prostitute, if you pay close attention he is really pimping you, unless you into that , men living off of you, you should thank him or inform him that his help is very much needed because two heads will always out do one.
Failure is not an option. Lets not forget bout the so called baller who’s living In a low income apt. with an 60,000 car, his broke so called girlfriend is walking and constantly broke. He wears the best clothing but she is always walking to the corner store in scrunchy socks or just pure slippers. The one who gets his hair cut every 4 days but his girl has never seen a beauty shop, other than the non matching weave that she puts in her head to feel beautiful for him and she’s still not close to it. Sisters, how could you settle for less than success? If you up the anty trust me brothers will strive much harder to meet your needs or continue to be lonely. If your man has it you should too. Hey lets not forget his is Bizzarro World it doesn’t happen in the real world. Sisters if you want a dose of reality lets not allow your greatest assts to be your beauty, vagina, and mouth game, because in due time it will get old and played out. You can take all the botox injections and vinegar baths in the world, your still wouldn’t be worth anything more than immediate satisfaction. If your really want some real respect allow your assets to be submission to righteousness, education, mental and physical stimulation, an economic plan for building yourself and family above the levels of poverty, a shoulder to cry on an ear to listen, and real friendship. Brothers and sisters, love your black skin. Love your broad nose, high cheek bones, coarse hair. You will always be beautiful. Let no one tell you that you are not beautiful. Fuck what white America considers beautiful. You will never be niggas and bitches, you’ll always be kings and Queens. You are different because your special. Ask yourself, why does every race on the planet earth have hair that looks like an horses tail? Ask yourself, why no other race in the world could stand the heat of the blazing sun without being treated like an enemy of it. Last, ask yourself why does everyone else have eyes that resembles creatures such as dogs, cats, insects and reptiles? If you do this you will come into an understanding that you are one of gods chosen people which makes you special. Will we ever live outside of Bizzarro World? I really don’t know. However we can as a people pay attention to the failures of ourselves as well as others. In the beginning it always looks like glitter and gold but my grandmother (may she rest in peace) always told me that everything that glitters isn’t god. We have too many people today that actually think that because it shines its good. The saddest thing in the world to see, is so many people suffering from this hallucination. For me it took something drastic, and I really want my people to avoid the pitfalls because some fall harder than others, fortunately for me I’ve been blessed to be released form the trap, due to the so called civil rights that I’ve mentioned. I see many men every day on this plantation (prison) that wish they could have another chance. They wish they had had someone like me to inform then of Bizzaro World. So please, readers if you too have fallen into Bizzarro World take this as a guide to facilitate escape and to help as many as you can that have fallen victim. If you we don’t teach our people no one will. If we think for a moment that the enemy will teach our people we are as crazy as they are. If anything, thy will continue to distort us. So this call is for our people to reveal what is seen, yet is still unseen.
I’m 22 years old and cant say that I haven’t fallen victim to this same life style. I come from the streets, this isn’t something that I saw on TV, ive been eye witness to it, I lived it, so , I have the right to talk about it. I’m no better than the next man that lived the life of struggling black man. I was just fortunately to find the truth but if you have read this message and still want to rebel against it, your are really in a sick state of mind. Get some help before its too late. I dedicate this to all the brothers and sisters with life in prison, I understand your struggle and share your pain. Though the journey may end here with your physical traveling your word can live on through others for generations to came. don’t give up on fighting this revolution your job is never done, it has only just begun. I ask that you not put down your sword and send a message to those that may be headed for the trap that caught us all. Let them know that we should take advantage of the best days of our live s which is today! For those locked down with a second chance, use this time wisely. The jewelry, cars, and women will eventually come, just be patient. You don’t have to risk your life for and inflict pain on those who love you, for some quick change (money). Get it how you live, go hard in the paint and take full advantage of striving for success. Just do it in a positive fashion. So lets rebuild and destroy.
Knowledge Allah
Love Allah.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Bizzarro World" pt 1

Bizzarro- Strikingly odd or queer in appearance or style; grotesque; out of the ordinary; unrighteous.I would like to greet the readers with the supreme greetings of Peace. I come in the divine attribute of Knowledge. In today’s Black society we (including self) as a people are currently living in a Bizzarro World where everything what was once considered, upright, positive, natural, and ordinary is now totally opposite. What was once considered evil is now good: odd is ordinary, gay, weird, and unrighteous, is now straight common and righteous. What was down is up; and what was left is right. Now, let me show and prove by going back to the Motherland Africa where the Black Family resided before we were tricked and brought over here on a slave ship named Jesus in 1555. Sir John Hawkins, captain of this ship informed us that we would earn more gold for our labor than we did in our won land. However, once unboarded there was all labor and no pay.
Before this disastrous game was played, the Black family sat on top of civilization. They were the first to walk the land of Kemet (Egypt), Ethiopia (Nubia), the Nile valley and Kenya where the first signs of life were found by archaeologist. It has been proven that the Black family were once kings, queens, prince’s, princesses, noblemen, and were worshipped as gods. Signs of our history have been left through the pyramids, the obelisk, the sphinx, hieroglyphics, in tombs and African artifacts. The black family once had the occupational positions of doctors, surgeons, scientist, philosophers, griots, teachers, architects, inventors and many other great prosperous innovative professions.
Before we were brought to this country and distorted, we naturally treated our women as prize possessions‘, our greatest assets, due to the fact that they’re cultivators of the seed of God, “Our children”. naturally women submitted to their men, respecting themselves as Queens and Goddess. As parents they automatically taught their children the importance of family, heritage, culture and education. According to the rules of nature men and woman already know they were supposed to engage in intimacy with the opposite sex to involve in sex with the same gender was preposterous. It was bizarre to look at a 6 year old child as a sexual object. According to history we already understood that the grafted animal (cat,rat,and dog) what we call the pig was forbidden to eat. It was already written in stone that we were to love one another as a united family helping one another if anyone were to fall short of success. Although some were wealthier than others as a result of family legacies and people working harder, nevertheless everyone was entitled to wealth.
When it came to spirituality the Black family did not worship a white man with blue eyes and locked hair, that called himself Jesus the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Worshipping was a form of traditional religious practices within a tribe, submitting to the one and only God, the Supreme Being, the Father of civilization, God of the Universe. Everyone understood that the color of their skin the hair on their head and features of their faces were signs of beauty and greatness. It was even said that if your were of pale skin (white) you had a disease (leprosy) and was forbidden to come amongst the great people of color. No one worshiped other than there own or wanted to break down the legacy by engaging in intimacy with people other than their won. When the Sudanese monarch of state was overthrown the women all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be with white men.
Now after the eradicating, manipulation, propagation, lynching, murdering, raping, beating and enslaving of this great family we are so far from our natural state that its bizarre.
We were scattered, divided, and beat so bad that we forgot all that we had. We lost all knowledge of self all sense of respect for ourselves , our women, children, mothers, fathers and communities. We lost all religion, culture, ranks of leadership, freedom, justice, equality, and most of all our true homeland and wealth. Now lets look at what we have become today. Its 2007 and we’ve been stuck in this land since 1555. It has been a revolution for the worst. This catalyst, has come at the worst of time because we are finally able to have the chance individually or collectively to rise above or limit the oppression of our people. I say limit because I firmly believe that the leaders of this country will not allow anyone to usurp its authority. We went fro fighting for education to “fuck school its for chumps”. from Black Power to “fuck that Nigga!” from fighting for better jobs to “I’ve never worked, never will, never lift nothing heavier than a thousand dollar bill’ Black men and women exchanged greeting each other as Sister and Brother, to using Nigga and Bitch. We eradicated our traditional religious worshiping our own God, to praising this European man with blue eyes that is called Jesus.
Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey fought for separation and a back to Africa movement. Now we as a people don’t even acknowledge the fact that we are descendants of Africa , let alone look forward to going back to your true land . The saying, “the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice” is so irrelevant in today’s society that its as if it had never been used; its now, “the lighter the skin you know it’s a win” what was once signs of beauty and greatness (the black skin) is now considered one of the worst things to be associated with in Bizzarro World. Full lips, coarse hair, dark skin, brown eyes, high cheek bones were something to be proud of. Now you have Blacks bleaching their skin, using all kinds of chemicals to straighten their hair, getting surgeries to thin their lips, and reconstruct their faces and bodies all to be accepted by white society. To be frank, in Bizzarro World anything associated with Black is equal to death, evil ugly and secondary. What’s so hilarious is that while we are tying our best to get away from being Black, whites are trying to thicken their lips, darken their skin, lock up their hair, and increase the size of their breast and rear ends to look as beautiful as the black woman.
Its very sad to even think that a people who were once so great. After being transferred to another by the force of evil hands, would adopt the way of being malignant, disreputable and uncivilized. Right hear in Bizzarro World its become inextricable to get away form the ways of a uncivilized nation. I myself was living in the strictly impoverished streets of Watts CA. in such a haze that I thought it was okay to call black women , bitches, and men, niggas and mothafuckas as long as it want my biological family I even assumed that taking a mans life and paying a visit to the plantation (prison) would make me a respected man.
Allow me to show you the Bizzarro World that is illuminated by black society, showing you what many believe defines a respected man: the man that has no respect for himself or the people that surrounds him. The one we see on the corner pants sagging, bandana hanging out the pocket, pistol on his waist, blunt in the ear, and the biggest dope sack in town, is the respected individual. This is the same person that’s going to sale our 15 year old pregnant daughter drugs without thinking twice, don’t forget if she wants drugs in exchange for sex he wont turn her down, it doesn’t matter who’s child it is he’s out for his pleasure and money by any means necessary. With the stroke of a trigger (gun), for recreation, this great man will go about and kill grandmothers, infants, and grown men/women leaving them to die in the streets alone like dogs after being hit by a car, or a rodent in the rood all because they live on a certain street. This admirable individual will call you and your children out of your names justifying it as his way of expressing himself because its coming from the soul. This is the respected man that is loved and cherished for his lascivious acts. He’s a jack of all trades, a pimp, plays, hustle, and don’t forget Trap Star (doe man) and Gunna (killa) the one who will put women, no matter the age,, on the streets to sale their bodies if its beneficial to him. don’t forget his won mother isn’t exempt from these same ideologies if she is a consumer of drugs. He will sell it to her saying “if she don’t get it from me shell get it from someone else. Plus, I need the money.” this worthy individual will get you daughter pregnant and swear to the blue eyed Jesus that he is not the father and even if he does acknowledge that its is his child he wont provide Andy physical, mental, or financial support. This wise man that has no education, possibly cant read or write,, who’s called a functional illiterate, with his greatest asset being his criminal record is the man that is highly respected in the black community.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"History is Present"

History is that which is usually associated with past occurrences. And while this is usually so, we must be mindful that all past occurrences directly correlate to today’s current events as they are the foundational happenings that led up to and shaped today’s reality as we know it. It is simple Mathematics to know that yesterday, today and tomorrow are the interconnected segments of motion known as time that comprise our history-past present and future.
Yesterday’s knowledge being know brings froth the Wisdom of today so that the wise can cee the Understanding necessary to succeed tomorrow. As such, it is clear for all to cee that history is in the making today. Those of us with the knowledge of the culture of Allah’s Supreme Mathematics, that speak his Supreme Alphabetical language fluently, know that NOW is the gift of time known as the present. This truth is clearly evident in our beloved Nation of Gods and Earths in the Supreme Mathematical history of the great Blackseed Born seventh from the mind of Almighty God Allah himself-Bilal; Jihad; ABG#7; whose degree day is the Wisdom Power day of this Allah Gave us Truth month (august)!. Allah surely gave us truth when he blessed us with his Sun, the great God he once lovingly called “Build-al”. this great God is the history of the Nation of Gods and Earths! And yes, he is present today, gaining the gift of truth just as he received it. His story as the Father of Medina shall be told for years to come, so it needs to be told today, as we collectively recognize the degree day of this trailblazer of Allah’s teaching. December 19, 1964 is a historical day that all Gods and Earths everywhere should know and teach about, yet some claim that they don’t cee its significance and relevance?? Countless Gods and Earths (including myself) trace their teachings back to Allah through the mind of First Born Bilal. Yet some speak of this great God as a thing of the past?? Emphatically no!! the fact that I write this as his mental great grand seed shows and proves that the job is being done! Now can you see the significance of Bilal’s six days and six nights teaching in Medina, and the relevancy of the fourteen Gods he gave birth to in that time?? (smile) I thought so.
As our First Born writes the Five Percent history with his life, he is the true embodiment of a hero that saved (and still continues to save!) the minds of the youth of an entire borough of the biggest city on Earth, as well as the minds that they touch. Upon bringing the priceless jewels that Allah gave him to the “land of the Warriors”, he resurrected the Blackseed that would become God’s Kee and gave birth to the Yellowseed that became the Sun of Man and brought forth our holy and most greatest Universal Flag.
This is his story.
The great God that turned 203 Carlton Ave. in medina into a historical landmark for the righteous is solely responsible for Fathering such a Supreme Tree of Life unto Allah, that today that tree is an orchard producing fruit across the Nation!! Without his true and living example, many of us would not know what a father truly is, nor who the Gather of the Nation of Gods and Earths truly is , because through his First Born Suns, Allah Fathered the greatest Nation in the Universe into existence and as such, we must recognize and acknowledge this great God and his accomplishments on days like today, so that everyone can know and understand that history is present in this gift of a man. I was taught that if you don’t know your history you cant know your future. Why? Because it paved the way for our present. And one of the greatest presents from the mind of Allah is ABG#7. As my father once asked me, “years from now would you want to be forgot abut?” of course not, so let us never forget that without Gods like ABG#7 many would not know who Allah is, nor how long it takes to make God and the history of this great nation. It is with sincere appreciation, admiration, pride and Supreme Brother hood with which I carry on Allah’s legacy through the dynasty ABG#7 has helped bring forth. Thank you for giving us God’s most trustworthy mathematical kee in the person of Gykee Mathematics Allah, so in turn brought forth the God who Allah spoke to in the person of Lord Kalim Allah, and who has in turn empowered me to manifest Allah’s science of life through the kinetic energy of my mind and be the Scientific one to Born Allah’s science of life through the kinetic energy of the mind and be the scientific one to Born Allah’s truth. United we are one!!
That said, I speak for all of us when I say happy Degree Day to ABG#7!! Through your Wisdom I cee Power and through your Power I cee your Wisdom. His story is indeed present. May the Peace and blessings of Allah be forever upon you! Allah-U-Akbar!!

Supreme Peace
From the mind of: Scientific Born Allah

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What is Brotherhood Today?

In the name of Allah and his man Justice Cee!
The Black and the Brown. Who I owe my all too! To whom I sacrifice, my life and my death are all for! All praise due to them for giving their all so we can live in the here and the future. I greet you my nation, the greatest nation, in the universal greeting of Peace!
This is the Born month. So I know this question will be met with acception or rejection. It will be Born alive to some and Born dead to others. I stand for the truth I make Born. B.U.T. for the grace of Allah, the 13th man, I have learned “you cant win nothing by force, you’ll make people what? Hate you sooner or later..”
I have been often told, God you love kicking our History. I ‘v been told by my fruit, God when I build with brothers, they don’t get our history”. These are things that made me pose the question, “what is brotherhood today?”. Our brotherhood for one another has been lost somewhere! I ask these brothers, do you think you jut woke up one day and said “I’m a five percenter or God” . So there has to be origin and history to how this knowledge even was born to you. This is the exact science of the 12 disciples and Allah the 13th man come into play in our history. The Five Percent History. Because whether you like it or not, our origin starts with those 13 universes. Like I always tell brothers, the only man who was self taught in our nation is Allah. With Allah his 12 gave it to the world.
I was told one time that Allah an my born from Mecca, Medina, Pelan, Desert and Philly were/are just ordinary men. Keep in mind that for those that know me, it was a time I would have put my foot in that brothers you know what(laughter) B.U.T my dad has been helping me with my temper, so his voice in my mind says “its better to understand than be understood” B.U.T never get it twisted, that current is still there, today I use it more in word form. Understand that somewhere that brother never knew what true brotherhood was. He has never experienced the brotherhood Allah displayed, he never understood the brotherhood my first generation had. I saw how ordinary could they have been if 41 years later you have a righteous name and think you are Go. Then when I asked him to trace his self back to Allah through his teacher, he couldn’t. So that is where my mercy came into effect because I then truly realize the science of true brotherhood was lost to him. No one has ever really been a brother/father to him. The only way to the father is through the sun!
Sometimes I see the brotherhood me and my fruit share is so different to others. At times I find it hard to accept that my rites of passage in this nation can be so different for others. Because I was given a love and a blessing many don’t understand, when I think of a time past when Allah an Justice was on the set. I will never think of my history as nothing other than great. Not this fake brotherhood trying to be passed off today as brotherhood. I am talking about supreme brotherhood. The always loving your brother like you love yourself!
This is the brotherhood these “ordinary”(laughter) brothers shared. They lived it for real. What do you know about October 7, 1964. October 10th 1964? What do you know about December 19th to the 25th of 1964? What do you know about the visits to Harlem Hospital late December of 64? What do you know about the first night the 13th man came home from the hospital? What do you know about what Allah had on the 1st day he left his house after the first attempt on his life and who was with him? What do you know about the First Born an Wakee first trip to Medina in early 65? What do you know about April 1965, about May 31st 65, June 18th 65, June 24th 65, July 5th 65? Who were the 3 Gods that got locked up in Medina in Sept 65? What do you know about Aug 29th 65, about Sept 18th 65, Nov 9th 65, Nov 26th 65, Dec31st 65?
What do you know about the visits to Mattewan in 66 and who went 14 times? What do you know about September 28th 1966? What took place from September 66 to February 67? What did 500 Gods have to sign for in September 67? What took place March 25th 67? What do you know about April 5th and 6th 68? What took place in the summer of 1968 at the steakhouse? What do you know about Bear Mountain, the airplane rides and the Apollo Theater? What happened June 13th 1969? What about June 16th 1969? What do you know about July 4th 1969/ What do you know about Dec4th 70 and Dec 31st 70? What do you know about President Nixon’s party January 17? What do you know about June 13th 1971? What do you know about July 1971 in Philadelphia? What do you know about August 17th 1973? What about July19th 1978? What do you know about Operation Intellect? Which gave me the vision for our corporation. What do you know about 134 W. 129th st.? What do you know about 203 Carlton Ave? What do you know about 249W 139th St? Yes, this is just some brief Five Percent History. Do the Research. Which all shows and proves the supreme brotherhood that these great men all shared. I am sure that we all have our history, because I know that the history I share with my band of brothers is supreme! B.U.T . our past, it should be everywhere.
These brothers, my Big Brothers, were shinning examples of what brotherhood should be today! B.U.T. , we have lost the science of what it really means to love your brother, my brother lived the love of brother hood regardless of whom or what! It was a time when you could not defend him tooth and nail. Some brothers were speaking foul about my dads brown seed with Magnetic the Great Siheem one of the true heads of Medina. 3 great brothers come to his defense and took on a whole projects. One of the brothers may he forever rest in peace, had problems with his arms until his return in 77. Its no way anyone will make me cee they were ordinary!
Get well Siheem! Thank about him everyday and carry you in my heart. Yes he can be hard on you, b.u.t. I learned it is out of love. This brother has been up with me and my would all night teaching us about Allah and justice. that’s brotherhood. He would say “I bless who I want to bless.“ to think that he bless me is something I will cherish e most! I will never cherish him cussing me out. Today I have my own Siheem in my family. My mental son and my physical niece had him. The legacy will live forever.
Today I was looking at one of the first pictures Gykee gave me of Allah on the mount at the 1st sermon. I was looking at all the boys at attention. Some I have the great pleasure of the courage to be a man. To love my brother regardless of whom or what! Allah was truly a great man! How great is the love of a father for the sun that he would go in the grave to get his suns? Now matter how much his boys got on his nerves and did some of the dumbest things he never gave up on them. Its not one brother who can say that about Allah. B.U.T. today a so called brother will turn his back on you in a minute. He will even go so far as to advocate lies that he knows the enemy of the righteous put out there. Black or white. B.U.T the route of it is because you caught him out there on a lesson or he really wishes he can be strong as you. He resents you because you are a teacher and he is not. B.U.T. my brothers back them took on the challenge of knowing their lessons and who taught the most. That’s why its new to those who challenge of knowing their lessons and who taught the most. That’s why its new to those who don’t know their history.
I am thankful to my brothers for teaching me how to be a true brother. I know what its like to be a true brother. I know what its like to share 2 boxes of 1.75 broccoli lo mien with 10 gods and they complain when you try to get extra broccoli. (laughter). I know what its like to have your brother cooking in the kitchen for everybody and being teased about cooking better than any earth you had. Him shooting back “man is the creator of woman whether she like it or not.” I know what its like to budget 10 dollars with 10 gods living in a 2 bedroom apartment and they want to get a bag of weed and you say that’s 6 dollars. No. I know what its like to accept collect calls from your brother in jail and write him, send photos and visit him when otters forgot. B.U.T. when its like to put my life on the line for my freedom on the line fro my brother. Those were some of the best times being broke with my brother! Because it showed true love. All these things I learned from Allah and my firstborns. I will always be my brothers keeper, even when he lacks understanding. I will always remember Gykee telling me when I was going through some real difficult times. He said “sun Allah never turned his back on me and regardless what I did he always welcomed me back with open arms. I will always do the same to you.” I thank Allah daily for this beautiful man! That’s brotherhood. Knowing your brothers heart no matter what hell he may have put himself through give him support. We say we are the Gods b.u.t. Muslim and Christians show more humanity for each other. Bet real you are your brothers who?
See I know Allah’s teaching well! As my brother from the desert would say “you were taught by the masters.” today you have brothers saying forget the gods in jail. That’s funny to me. When you were in jail, you didn’t want to be forgot and if it is worded right it will sound good to limited minds. Yes Allah wanted us to put and end to it. Hell he wanted us to put an end to many things that haven’t stopped. B.U.T. I guess many forget after he came home went to speech at Otttisville November 15, 1967. He didn’t forget! What was Otisville you? Tel me. Allah said “unite black and white, unite for one common cause, because I tell him if you do wrong you going to jail. Do they time in jail then come on out. Now when the child come back home if you don’t provide for the child and he under your control and other people are getting to the showing home where what he do he wont benefit from it. He goanna go to jail, back to jail”. one thing I know about Allah he was a provider! Are you ? He never forget and gave up on him sown! Do you? When Allah five percent were hungry it was stores they could go to. Do you know there names? Allah would take care of the tab. When Allah saw his sons put out their house for his teachings, he gave them a place to stay. How many of you do that? We say get real, lets get real. Or is that saying a fact? Allah and justice cee would fed the boys in a small apartment on 139th street. What do you know about that? Allah had the mayor on call you got that? Allah took 7 out of 8 bullets so you could live. How many of you would do that? So get real my brothers. You can talk about what he said do. B.U.T. what is being done with the living example he showed and proved to do. So get real my brothers. Not with me yourself! So don’t be upset when I don’t see Allah in you. I’m proud of my band of brothers. Because just alike Allah and my born we never turned out back on each other. Even when others who claim to love us did. Stood tall through whatever adversity we went through. “I just let nature run its course. Being a brother is not being there when a brother has the most get high and when its gone he is searching for you for trillion years . If drinking and drugging is causing you to lose your sense of brotherhood you need to stop. Allah said “I don’t have to tell the child not to smoke he already smoking. In New York there in hailing it so what’s the difference. If he drink alcohol I don’t tell him that he’ll fall a victim to it, I tech him and he’ll get what? Understanding of it.” Allah gave us free will. Yes, b.u.t. the greatest gift he gave is the ability to gain understanding. Lets get back to true brotherhood and build together to make a difference for the young!
Today is Universal Shaamgaudd Degree Day. A true legend! Which brings to mind my own yellow seed of understanding the Lord Malik Allah. His love was so great for his brother he gave his life. We miss him dearly, b.u.t. we carry on the legacy we started to his family the Finney family thanks for always being their for the Gods. I leave you with this “he said” oh my people! Tel me if I have a clear evidence from my Lord and he has given me a good sustenance from himself. (shall I corrupt it by mixing it with the unlawfully earned money.”) I wish not. In contradiction to you, to do that which I forbid you. I only desire reform to best of my power and my guidance cannot come except from Allah, in him I trust and unto him I repent.

The Heart of Philly
Lord Kalim Allah
Supreme Team LLC

P.S. to the young respect our big brothers. They paved the way. To my big brothers have patience with us remember the times when you were young.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cee Truth Prison Program..supporting the movement

peace to the gods and earths

attention anyone that is in touch with someone incarcerated in CEE-TRUTH please tell them to write to CEE-TRUTH CORRESPONDANCE PROGRAM


Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Am I My Brothers Keeper?"

“Am I my brother’s Keeper?”
The above five words compose a question containing so much Power, that it is much too often lost on many. Because the Truth of the matter is that the magnetic Power of Supreme Brotherhood by the God who Allah spoke to, as well as the history or Qur’an of the Supreme Brotherhood of God from which we come from, so I know and understand the UNITY is the kee!
This is the Supreme Equality of God!
The greatest lesson Allah ever taught us is to love your brother, regardless of whom or what. Therefore, when I am asked if I am my brother’s keeper, I say emphatically yes! Because I am my brother! We are one and the same, grown or made from the infinite mind of Almighty God Allah, having no beginning nor ending. My being Allah’s Just and True Sun means that I have been entrusted as the keeper of the 36 kees to cee heaven, which are Allah’s kees to unity and Supreme Brother hood. So in turn, through Living Mathematics, I want for my brother what I want for myself because I supremely love my brother like I love myself! This is the magnetic Allah instills in all of his True and Living Suns.
Unfortunately, this brotherhood is not always lived out right and exact because some of the so-called “brothers” in our midst “be other” than their own self, and they will never reach that kind of love and loyalty! What is his own self? His own self is a righteous God that keeps the bond of supreme brotherhood at all costs! Which is why I was taught that “you have to outlast them sun”, and that’s the iron principle that makes God’s will harder than steel! Showing and proving why I am the peace with the magnetic, and that the brotherhood of God me and mine radiantly manifest an never be diluted, mixed or tampered with in any form, because I truly am my brother’s keeper.
To be a keeper means that I must continually observe, honor and respect that which I’m the same mind, by always respecting our differences just as much as our similarities. All the while being the God I was taught to be. This is what keeps God in constant elevation, rotating at the speed of the mind, as we collectively build as one to born an understanding of not only each other, b.u.t. of the universe and everything in it! Because the magnetic of the mind is the bond that binds the bond of the Knowledge Knowledge degree in the knowledge of Allah’s culture (11 :14), and that’s the brotherhood of God that I advocate!
Who, besides a true brother, will give all that he has and all within his Power so that the understanding of exactly what Supreme Brotherhood is will be born to you? You cee, supreme brotherhood must be lived out mathematically, and can only be taught and experienced by a True and Living Brother in God. So it will never be the fake ass “ I don’t like him”, “I know more than him”, or the “I don’t cee it that way” emotional pettiness I cee being advocated in this day and time. Allah never taught us that! Do you honestly think I’d be writing this if Allah didn’t teach his First Born and there fruit how to live the mathematics of supreme brotherhood? Would you be reading it? The supreme brotherhood of god is a bond so strong that it can never be broken regardless of time, place or circumstance! I trace it all back to Allah, because Allah is the god, always has been, always will be.
What this all means to me is that I must come together with my brother, both mentally and physically, so that we can study, learn and manifest how to be better men, brothers, Gods, builders and masters of Allah’s Supreme Living Mathematics! One Nation of Gods, keep saving lives and minds, just as Allah saved us. That’s the supreme brotherhood that I will forever keep on living and teaching because I always reserve the best part of mathematics for myself! So I am always mindful that I am my brother and my brother is me, so if I don’t keep my brother then who will? Allah taught us that “if you isn’t god, you devil”, so if my brother isn’t kept by God then the devil will keep us both in some shit! Make no mistakes about it, Allah’s mathematics are right and exact with or without you, so always keep that in mind.
I conclude by saying that Supreme Brotherhood is one of the many duties of God. It is a mathematical manifestation of the mind that binds all Gods together in the Supreme Knowledge and Wisdom of Almighty God Allah, as the one True and Living God of reality. And as Love is an elevation of Supreme Understanding, I fast and build that ALL my brothers in God come together as one and get it Right, because if not there will be hell to pay! Think about that the nest time you feel some type of way with your Brother, and ask yourself “Am I My Brothers Keeper?” are you willing to give your all in all? I know I am! Regardless of whom or what, I will always be god, so I will always keep God as my Brother….Peace!

Positively Elevating Allah’s Culture Everyday!
The Yellowseed Supreme with the kees to cee heaven,
Scientific Born Allah
Supreme Team

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Open Letter From the God Complex

Peace to my beloved Nation Of Gods and Earths,

As i continue to progress threw the trials and tribulatory events of the inner cipher, i understand that true power lies within self not materialistic, financial, and/or possessions ganed by currency. The lies that mentally and psychologically bind us and blind us are nothing more than external and imaginatory barriers that if we rise above the depths of ignorance will be able or enable ourselves to remove and still sustain the greatness that lies within self. I had an extremely difficult time, as well as a complicated life trying to change the unchangable, to love the non excepting, to help the stubborn and unloveable, instead of loving self first. One must learn to love themselfs before anything or anyone else because noone is greater than our people. This pertains to whoever reads and understands this knowledge. Alot of circumstantial elements that surround us are nothing more potent than what we allow to surround us mentally, for the mind is an all present body in which the capacity, power, and ability to conquer all that dwell within its proximity. It took me 21 years to come to the realization that the decisions i make today determine what is going to take place tommorow. To know your past and understand where you reside in the present means to define accurately your future. What happens in life is a consitence of 100%, 90% of it is controlled by attitude, action, and thought, while the other 10% is the circumstance controlled or motivated by other forces not within the realm of personal control. 90 overpowers 10 by far, therefore you can control the outcome of your life. Just study to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, deal in equality and strive to be the best you can be. The impossible, although taught by the 10% otherwise, can be possible by determination and education, growth and development. We as a united people, who were always rulers of civilization can do all that we put our minds to, no matter what because nothing is more powerful than the mind, no weapon, man, army, or pain. The world as it exist lies within yourself. The babies become the result of our teachings, stop punishing your children for what you did wrong, for they are the cake that we bake, the mix and the ingredients are your teachings to them. If the cake mix isnt properly prepared, how then can the cake come out beautiful and delicious?. You are the baker not your children, teach the babies how to love and they will love, teach, and respect, as well as carry on our nation. We must erase all negativity and devilishment that they can be exposed to.The babies are the sponges that absorb what they see and are introduced to. Teach them righteousness and they will grow to be the Kings and Queens they were born to be. if you dont sheild them from the evils of this world by Building to Destroy you will be the reason they self destruct. Stop looking at what the children do wrong and start looking into what was done wrong to them!!

peace ,

love and freedom

Complex Understanding Allah