Monday, October 20, 2008

All Ciphers See the Truth

Peace to my beloved Nation of God and Earth And peace to all the readers of The Light of the Sun, this issue finds us in the 10th month of the calendar year known as October in the 85% world, and the knowledge add cipher or cipher see truth month to Allah’s 5%. This month represents a change for many different reasons, on many different levels. Just as October was changed from the 8th month to the 10th month, this is the time of the year when the weather patterns change, so our social patterns also change, and life in general changes eighth the seasons. It is the natural cycle of life, as change is the most permanent factor in Living Mathematics. So it is continually said amongst the wise that Allah gave us mathematics for a reason, not a season. Just as seasons change people change, because life itself dictates changes. that’s why Allah taught us that “as life change, you change, if not your going to die”. and all ciphers that see the truth of Allah will surely change for r the better. Change itself can have a reward or it may have a penalty, depending upon the circumstances we’ve created for ourselves, the timing of our actions, and the consequences of the results we produce. In living mathematics, this is the science of justice. For just I will cee the equality of all my choices because just I will cee the rewards or the penalties of my own decisions in life. And because justice is the mathematical law of nature, it does not change. Which shows us that we cannot break the law of nature, we can only break ourselves against the law. Think about it, what this proves to me is that my justice for truly living my mathematics out fright and exact will always bring about change in my life; while still remaining grounded in the foundational principles of Allah’s 36 kees of reality. “god is swift and changeable, yet remain able”. Allah’s words are crystal clear. Our mathematical principles of life are the fundamental and unchangeable laws of nature that will always remain the same. Our application and living manifestations of mathematics is what must always be swift and changeable in order for us to be successful in all of our undertakings. These are facts of life.
I cee October as the month wherein all ciphers will see the truth of Allah when I-God manifest my radiant displays of living mathematics, so that the truth is seen and heard in any and all ciphers I add on to daily. With the supreme knowledge of Allah I add on to and change all of the ciphers of though I partake in, as well as the social ciphers of equality that I move in, and the righteous ciphers of truth I build and teach in. because just like Allah taught, my mathematics are swift and changeable. that’s a fact jack, it was in the above mentioned climate of change that almighty God Allah ensured that all ciphers see truth, by changing the course of history and giving birth to his very first nine born mental suns. On the 10th day of the 10th month our nation was born with the truth that is seen in all ciphers. Knowledge add a what? Cipher. That means if I had the knowledge and I tell your some thing and you didn’t know it, I have a cipher.” surely it is the Supreme Knowledge that Allah revealed 44 years ago that has added each and every one of us unto his cipher to see the truth. So Happy Degree Day Nation!! By us living Allah’s mathematics just as he decreed, people everywhere, in all ciphers, can see the truth of god being lived out and taught in this day and time. Just as our beloved first born did for us in raising our first generation of true and living Gods, Earths and Five percenters. Showing and proving that the truth of living mathematics will always be seen in Allah’s ciphers each and every day, in each and every way. So as we all come together this month in mind and nation to recognize and celebrate the birth and genesis of Allah’s world manifest, I strongly urge some of the ciphers in this nation to take another look and see if the truth of Allah has been kept as he decreed it? Or has someone else’s so-called “knowledge” attempted to add on to the cipher of perfection Allah brought forth? We must never allow our birth record to be diluted, mixed or tampered with. In any form yet many today have different mathematics and alphabets than me and mine, different lessons, and different historical accounts of Allah, his elders, our first born and their fruit that sometimes doesn’t add up with what has been handed down to me through my Tree of life to Allah. Why is that? As we collectively renew our history this month, these discrepancies need to be examined thoroughly on a national level, because as I cee it, if your cipher does not see the truth the same way Allah, our First Born, and their successive generations, have left it for us, then the truth is that I do not see the foundation of your cipher as being right and exact. Whether your accept if or reject t, I will never “let no one change or stop these teachings Sun’. like it or lump it. I am honored to be blessed with the burden of carrying on the legacy of Allah and his First Born, as well as all of the pioneers and trailblazers that came after them, so that today I can be born alive as Gods Savior manifesting the Supreme Truth of Allah. And although many continue to overlook and ignore the glory of our past history or Qur’an, I will never change what has been passed down to me as my birthright Because I am supremely rooted within the tree of life of Allah. As I was taught to always know my history and beware of twistory! Therefore no one or nothing could ever try to minimize the greatness and importance of knowing Allah’s history and that of his just and true suns, for that is the best way to renew the lifeline to Allah/ my tree of life goes all the way back to our beginning that never began, so my foundation will always be everlastingly unshakable, regardless of whom or what, until the ending that will never end. Only trees with weak roots fall in the storms of life, and mine is here to stay, now and forever more. By being rooted in the Supreme mathematical principles of Allah himself, and the divine value system he brought forth for our universal family to abide by and live out history to. Can you honestly say that your doing the same? Does your cipher see truth? Because the truth of Allah is surely seen in all ciphers.
In closing, I remind you all that we write and make the 5% history or Qur’an with our lives, and that amongst the True and Living, the first is as good as the last and the last is as good as the first. However, first we must do the knowledge to the cipher that was brought forth for us to see the truth, when we can teach if just as real as all of the greats that came before us. Allah showed me how good I can be, and my beloved mental father showed me how to last through the tests of time, so willfully we all do the same, together in mind. Happy Degree Day Nation!! Your are still the greatest, all praise due to Allah! Peace!

Scientific Born Allah

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