Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Significance of Parliament

Parliament to me is a time where the Gods and Earths can come together collectively and build in high sciences. Parliament is a place where you can talk about public or national affairs. It is a time when you can show and prove what it is that you know and understand. You can explain how you see things through mathematics and the days alphabet. Parliament is a time to exercise the mind by learning new things and also giving jewels to others that may not have the same knowledge as you. You can get greeted or treated, meaning if you are right and exact then the Gods will recognize that, if you are not then a parliament can turn into a bombing ground and you will be the target. When I go to parliament I learn a lot of things that help me navigate through obstacles that I face in everyday life. Parliaments are a gathering for the Gods, where Allah’s mind can be manifested through many different ciphers. I go to parliament to obtain knowledge of Allah and the only way to obtain the knowledge of Allah is to go amongst the righteous. It is a time for the righteous to come together for one common cause and experiment with high explosives. The reason I like to go is because this is where I get to hear the Gods manifest their wise words. I also get to see how wise they are through their ways and actions. I go because I get to show others how I live out Allah’s culture through Living Mathematics. I also get to receive answers for questions that I may have on a particular topic. Two Gods are always better than one, so it is always a blessing to be around other seeds who are alike me, b.u.t manifest things differently. The Gods don't just speak because they like the sound of their own voices, they show and prove, and this is what I like. Anybody can say that the Blackman is God, b.u.t when you show and prove to me how and why the Blackman is God, then you are saying something. This is what I know Parliaments are for.
God is not a mystery, God is a true and living builder who takes time out to teach those who do not know. God brings the best out of the righteous as well as the unrighteous, even if that means that the unrighteous will only be righteous around God. Parliaments are also to make sure everybody is on the same page and teaching what they are suppose to be teaching. We do not teach something that has been mixed, diluted, and tampered with in any form. When I want to know if the origin of the knowledge that I have is right and exact, I go to Parliament. When I want to meet Gods who walked and talked with Allah, I go to Parliament. When I don't understand something in mathematics or 120, I go to Parliament. Parliament is a place where you can show your strengths as well as your weaknesses. This is good for those of us who need to get stronger in certain areas. This is also a time that we can come together and talk about different issues and certain events that took place in or out of the nation. A place where you can take the youth and have a good time and also educate yourself and your family in the process. The Gods are internationally known, so when you want to find out what the Gods are teaching in Power Hill, then all you have to do is go to Parliament. The Gods are builders and you can't build with destroyers, you have to build with the builders. Parliament is a place to sharpen your sword and go back and forth with what you know. Me personally, I don't go amongst the Gods as much as I should b.u.t I go and that's all that counts. I know that it takes discipline and a lot of getting used to, to be at every Parliament, b.u.t this is why we have Parliament, to help each other become better as a nation. It is also to show those who don't know what our culture is about, to come together in one space for the same reason is a powerful statement.
Unity and Brotherhood is what we as a people need in order to make things happen that will benefit us. Parliament shows that we can unite and settle any issues that we may have with one another or anybody else in a civilized way. In order for me to live out this culture the way Allah said it should be lived out is me being around other Gods. The thing about Parliament for me is that I am still learning, and I'd knowledge is infinite, that means that as long as I go to Parliament, I will continue to build and grow. I will always have questions that need answers so I will continue to go around the Gods so that I can grow and develop. Its all about change and building a better foundation for me and my family. So I will continue to build with the true and living and strive to live out my life mathematically. Parliament is very important for our nation, and needs to be attended so that more Gods and experience and learn what it means to call yourself God and live righteously.

Peace Gods and Earths,

God Sundo Allah

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