Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Am I Allah?"

Peace to the Nation of Gods and Earths

Am I Allah? On this day of Wisdom Power, my Wisdom is powered into the existence of me being Allah God. That means to outwardly indicate my truth in actuality, powering the light of Allah, showing and proving that my foundation is in equal value to God. Who is God? God is Allah and Allah is God, always has been, always will be. The Supreme Being Black Man who teaches freedom, justice, and equality to all human families of the planet Earth. In other words, Gods reality is to fulfill a purpose. And what is that purpose? That purpose is to teach who are savage, civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself and the science in everything in life. My wisdom is the way to exert all reality in truth. Not just the reality of God, b.u.t the reality of all. Therefore, my purpose is to teach. However, I must first knowledge my flaws and errors, then rise above them; showing and proving that I am a living, breathing mainfestation of Supreme Mathematics. That's how I accurately and wisely display and reveal my power, and power is truth, and there are no errors and flaws in truth. God is my nature and Allah is my reality. To Cee it, I must transcend all limitations, mentally and physically, before I can rule supremely. I must go thru, experience the birth record, from knowledge to born and then back to the knowledge, and add a cipher, fulfilling my purpose in an infinite cipher that was set in motion from the mind of Allah.
This had to come to me in what? Time. Because the truth of I.S.L.A.M does not exist without me, or as Allah would say, "T.I does not exist without M.E". When my just and true brother in God challenged me, making the knowledge of his understanding understood. I asked my Sun, Khow do you see todays mathematics?" He made a reference to being taught by Allah. He said K the knowledge in which Allah taught me". I bombed him for saying Allah taught him, he was not even physically birthed when the Father Allah went home. My brother Justice Rameek said, Kwhat are you talking about, you are his Allah!". I told him that "I don't cee that". Then he said something ill never forget. He said "why aint you Allah?" it pisses me off when Gods put limitations on themselves as if Allah is a mystery. If you aint Allah, who is then" Whoa!! Then I thought about how I was taught that the first born used to always say to Allah, "Allah you are the greatest" and Allah would say " no Sun, the Babies are the greatest". How can the babies be greater than Allah? That's when I began to cee it! We are all suns, grandsuns, and great grandsuns of Allah, his seeds. I was taught by my Father Lord Kalim that Allah would always say "what is a seed if he aint you?". Then I began to think that my reluctance to see myself as Allah was the same as the disciples reluctance to see themselves equal to Jesus. When we are righteous like Allah, we are Allah, because the Father and the Suns are one in the same. The babies are the greatest because they are pure and honest, and if taught properly, before they are diluted, mixed, or tampered with, they more readily see their reality and accept it. This is why Allah always stressed teaching the young. Allah is the Supreme ruler of life, the universe, and all the worlds ( living mathematics, the infinite cipher, and the different peoples/ planes of existence).
The answer to my questions existed right there in the name I chose for myself, Self Actual God Allah; because self is the complete and essential being(me) who makes knowledge born internally by going through my birth record, enabling me to save myself, thus becoming a saviour; one who has the ability to say and do the right thing. Being an example is how I save others, and by being the knowledge that adds a cipher. Actually existing in the reality and fact of God, the Asiatic Blackman who is Allah. And now that I cee it, I must continue to show and prove myself to be it...alike Allah. I leave you as I came, in the universal greeting of Peace.

Self Actual God Allah
Brown Seed
Supreme Team

Please Educate All Children Everyday

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