Thursday, December 25, 2008


In the name of Almighty God Allah, The Supreme being Blackman, who united the seeds and taught all human families of the planet earth. I greet you in his universal greetings of peace!
In this Nation there are many giants who trail blazed a path for many of us. The man I am about to speak on is very dear to my heart! Many talk the talk B.U.T this brother GOD lived it and paid the ultimate sacrifice, his life! He supremely showed and proved Allah-U-GOD, GOD-U-ALLAH! 35 years later I am still able to understand his power as he lives through me and my fruit. One of the first borns of Philly, SATU ALLAH.

SATU was born the Honorable Samuel Molten Jr., Monday January 14, 1952. As a child he grew up in South Philadelphia (P-MECCA). He lived in a house with his mother and sister on 15th street between Brainbridge and Fitchwater. He attended the neighborhood elementary school. Like many youth of the 60’s, SATU was wild and attended a school for the roughest youth in the city called KATO. Anybody who knew him always told me he was a humble brother, B.U.T. was a notorious fighter. He was one o9f the best from his gang. He was one of the hearts from 15th and Clymer gang. He was often looked to for leadership. The gang culture like all big cities was big Philly. SATU was also known to let the animals out of the cages to go free. Which brought to mind thoughts of when ALLAH told the brothers if they wanted to be free let the pigeons be free?

SATU was much liked brother amongst his peers. He was also known as FAT SAM, for his stature about 6’2, 240-260. He was a very candid brother and a great dresser. He was also a ladies man and could be found at parties with several ladies on his arm. He was a great dancer for such a big guy, which always made others jaundiced.

In July 1971 the city of Philadelphia would change forever! My beloved Amar Self aka ALLAH MASTER was staying in my hood, West Philadelphia aka P-Medina and taught 3 brothers the Black Man is God. They were Kevin, Larry and Jimmy. This all took place on 36th and Baring street. Kevin became Ramel Self, Larry became Kiheem and Jimmy became Jamel. These 3 great brothers could not keep his knowledge to themselves, so they went to their neighborhood which was South Philly on Webster Street and taught this powerful truth. SATU caught sound of the knowledge at 15th and Montrose and that day changed his life for ever.

No longer was he FAT SAM, he was SATU. He took to the knowledge like a fish to water. He was already a brother people admired, now he was the peace with the magnetic attracting the pieces without. Studying and teaching became his life. He was a true knowledge seed and gave you the knowledge. He went from gang leader to GOD. He stood on the square and mastered the circle of his environment. B.U.T of course, the authorities and the rivals did not like this change.

On Wednesday June 20th, 1973, SATU was arrested on trumped-up charges, which the Frank Rizzo police force was known to do with brothers that had to much influence in the community. Especially a brother teaching the Black Man is GO. Like the many charges he beat before he was confident he would beat these B.U.T things would be different.

SATU was sent to Holmesburg Prison. Prior to SATU’s arrest there was tension between the GODS were the peace with the magnetic attracting youth. Now SATU was a Holmes burg Prison out numbered by the Muslims and his rival from the gang days was prominent Muslim. Just like thin the streets, at Holmesburg majority did not like it. Of course SATU called my first born knowledge divine and told him he may not make it out. This point of matter can not be sot to the reader! I know many who would have stuck their tail between their legs and stop teaching B.U.T. to no avail for the warrior SATU. On August 17, 1973 on E-Block while SATU was in his bunk about 11 snakes went to kill our brother. SATU rose and fought like the warrior he was/is and will always be he ran 5 of the 11 out of his cell. He left the cell alive and later died a physical death from many wounds.

Today unlike many I realized I stand on the shoulders of giants and SATU is one of them! When I go through the bull that comes with me being me, like the most vicious slander and jealousy I draw from legends like SATU! That’s why 35 years later he is alive and well! May the peace and blessings of ALLAH always be with our brother GOD SATU ALLAH!

The Heart of Philly
Lord Kalim Allah
Supreme Team